Thursday, March 10, 2011

Camouflage and Blues, The Pink Revolution

8 years ago I was pregnant with our first child.
It was a JOURNEY ...
             ... to say the least!
And by this time of the spring in 2003, my lightly pregnant belly had turned into this ...

Okay, that was actually mid April--but considering Brayden wasn't born until May 18th, nearly one MONTH after this photo was taken, could you all do a community groan with me? Wonder no more why I needed belly button hernia surgery late last year after three of these pregnancies. (Do you see my regular waistline about two feet underneath the belly? No really. Click on the photo to zoom in. It hurts for me to look at this.)

(A photographer friend surprised me last week with a book of these long forgotten pregnancy photos that we had taken along with some HILARIOUS out-takes from our wedding. We look so young and fresh!)

But I digress. I remember being super pregnant and being filled with hormones ... and I came across the sweetest little bunny at the craft store. I just HAD to have it ...
It was one of the strongest pregnancy related things I can remember having caved to ...
The bunny was little and dressed in a tiny mint green dress with a little flower tucked behind her ear. Totally a silly purchase. But I HAD.TO.HAVE.IT. So silly. Secretly, it seemed like a confirmation to me that yes, I would be having a little girl who would love that bunny.
Hmmm ...
funny, in retrospect eh?

Well, when Brayden arrived and we became a family more siding with the male side of things numbering 2 to 1, this was lost to the back of the shelf eventually finding its way to a drawer as did anything remotely pink or even purple ... in fact ... I kinda shy-ed away from anything particularly girly--maybe subconsciously at first--but then outrightly, so I'd fit in more as "one of the guys" ... Soon came Easton ... more males tipping the scales away from Pink, 3 to 1. That color had simply been banned from our house of camouflage and blues. (I'm not kidding here.)

When I was pregnant with Nolan, our third son, hope rallied again for my pink futures and one day I wore a pink flowered shirt to an ob appt. As I was getting ready upstairs I decided to pull it out of the box of hand-me-down things from my sister (who is blonde, blue-eyed and fair skinned and looks great in pink by the way) and just secretly hoped "maybe the pink would soak in" (heh heh.) I came down the stairs ready to collect the kids and head out for the doctor's appt. when Easton, then just 2 and a half, stopped me in my tracks on the stairs with an incredible declaration coming from such a young little guy ... especially since I honestly didn't think he ever noticed what I was wearing.
He said, "WHAT. IS THAT??!!"
To be honest, I spun around to see if there was a spider or bug on the wall ... but he clearly was astonished that I would ever think about wearing pink over his little brother. (The boys knew somehow that it wasn't a little girl in there even if we didn't.)

It's amazing the power little kid's words have. It was like a thousand spears of accusation at my heart. I didn't wear pink after that--and that was almost 3 years ago ... and really I felt guilty if I even looked at it.

Recently however ... that pink has been knocking on my door. No, not that a baby is ANYWHERE in sight, don't give Jeff a heart attack with that thought. It's just that in these bleak last days of winter when the grays of melted snow and brown flat grass all around have me begging for any sort of color I have taken delight in that dear old friend, "Pink."

I hope the boys will forgive me ... but I just love my new pink Calgary Flames hooded Sweatshirt ... and my new hot pink phone cover ... and my pink lined bag that I occasionally have the courage to use ... my pink un-mentionables and even enjoying pink candy.

Sorry boys, I just need a break from the overwhelming camo, blues and hunter-greens and all things sports, guns and hockey in this house ...
I am a girl. And you can enjoy that at least my new pink hoodie has the name of a hockey team embroidered on the front.

I can still be the mom of a house full of boys and wear pink, right?
It's a quiet revolution ... and one that will have an attendance of one ... but hello Pink. I've missed you.


Lexilooo said...

you can (and should!) always wear pink! I am wearing pink today, actually!

Shawna&Co. said...

That is so funny! I love Easton's comment about your pink shirt! I used to hate pink until I had the girls, not it's a staple color around our house :) I'm sure Tim relates to you being the odd one out ;)

Shawna&Co. said...

You do know they make pink camo right? I'm sure Jeff wouldn't mind at all if you wore it hunting with him ;)

Girly Girl Mommy said...

You go ahead and rock the pink, girl!!
Just because you are a mommy (and am amazing one!) to three little boys doesn't mean that you can't have a girly side.

I don't think I realized before that Brayden is just 3 days older than Piper. Hard to believe they are almost 8.

And that bunny is so sweet. I think she needs a special place out on display for Easter.

Kay said...

:) I feel your pain! I also am a mother of 3 boys. Even our two dogs are boys. Every now and then a girl just NEEDS a good shot of pink!! I also have a secret stash of "girl" things that I could not pass up at one point or another while shopping. If I never have a daughter, maybe someday a granddaughter!?! You go girl! :)

The Sanders Family said...

Ya know, I actually remember you telling me the story about Easton being sickened by your pink maternity shirt. Ha! Funny the things that we remember! You go on and wear your pink, girl! Just because you live in a house full of boys doesn't mean that you have to BE one of them. Like you said, you ARE a girl!

Ya know, it's funny because I actually don't really care for the color pink. I don't think it looks good on me, and I never wear it. But I do like it for Chloe, and it's of course her favorite color. I like blue much better for me, and the other day Chloe actually asked me why I never wear 'girl colors'...meaning, pink. So, Chloe would approve of your new sweatshirt! ;)

Football and Fried Rice said...


I love that you are allowing yourself to love what comes natural for us girls!

And I love that maternity picture of you!!

Gretchen said...

Wear it proud, my friend. Wear it PROUD!!! It's good to be a girl. With you being the only one in the house, you should be the most adored princess/queen around.

WilxFamily said...

If you get rid of the bunny.... just kidding.

I love the pink too! You should wear it proudly.

By the are beautiful pregnant. You may have felt awful, but you looked great.

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The family