Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A New Journey

Over the course of the last year and a half our family has been praying for and sponsoring Samuel at New Day. (You may remember this post or this post or maybe even this post. ) And it is so BEAUTIFUL to announce (as if you don't already know) that 2 weeks ago he was joined with his Forever and Ever Family!! And the prayers of my heart, and the hearts of the others who prayed for him and for this family to step forward were answered in FULL.
God heard.
In fact, He had a plan all along.
Samuel and his 2 brothers and 2 sisters!

So with Samuel safely in the arms of his forever family our sponsorship of a child at New Day has recently been vacant and I was so anxious to have that empty spot filled ... to have someone to pray for ... that we would go to God about ... because it's all we could do from half way around the world ... because we have faith that He is there and is working ... that it is His plan that we have a small part in bringing this child into a family through prayer and petition. To stand in the gap and to pray. That maybe our own hearts and faith would be grown in the process and that we'd be more having reached out ... more of what God wants of us and less of what we want of us.

I know it maybe sounds a little bit like it's more about us, but that's just because I can't quite put to words everything that sponsoring a child is about, at least to me. And to be honest, a good deal of it is about us ... and God ... and that relationship that He wants with us. If He wanted to do it all on His own of course He could. He doesn't NEED US to help him out with running the universe (although ya ... at times I like to throw my 2 cents in on the state of things, shea, as if I have a clue?!) But God WANTS US to have a part in things, a vested interest ... to help us grow and mature and see things through His eyes and not our own.

But I found it hard to choose a particular child because each and every one of them is a treasure. And I didn't want to come into this with an agenda of my own. And let me tell ya, that's hard.
Renee's sweet cheeks, thick hair and soulful eyes had me at hello ... and Elliot's special need ripped my heart in two striking so close to home ...
So much like the Fall of 2009, I was torn not knowing what to do other than to pray about it.

But also, like 2009, the answer appeared at just the right time and this time through ND's suggestion on which child for us to sponsor. Again, what an answer to prayer.
We pray that this child will grow and bloom and someday be matched with his forever and ever family.

It is my great happiness to introduce to you our new sponsor child, yes, it's a BOY!
(we just love boys ya know!)
His name is Landon!
He has just turned 2 years old--one of my favorite ages!
He has a repaired club foot and repaired Spina Bifida.
(maybe you already peeked on my sidebar and saw his new button?!)

And although I fall so short of knowing what that diagnosis means ... I have searched his face in this photo over and over again wondering so much about him. Does he laugh easily? Is he serious as this photo makes him seem? Does he like to play with cars and trains? Is he able to run and play with the other children? How long will he wait? Is he a gentle little boy or one that is full of loving mischief?!

I can only imagine what it must be like to be matched with a child for actual adoption receiving only one or two photos and from them constructing a temporary reality of what that child might be like. How much can be seen in the magnified pixels or those one or two sentences that attempt to describe everything that he or she is?!

As I read his bio over again it says, "he has a smile that brightens the room" ... THAT I cannot wait to see! I am anxious for seeing all that his future holds!
Name: Landon

Birthdate: January 2, 2009

Landon was born on January 2, 2009 and abandoned at the local bus station the same day. When his parents could not be found, he was brought to the local orphanage. Landon was born with a clubbed left foot and spina bifida. He has had corrective surgeries for both already. Landon is an active and energetic boy and his big smile brightens up the room. He is able to stand and walk with support and his vocabulary is already growing. We are happy to have Landon as part of our New Day family.

There are several new children waiting to be sponsored at New Day as well as many sweeties who still have sponsorship room available. If you are interested in sponsoring a child please click on Landon's button on my sidebar which will take  you to the New Day site. From there you can click on "How to Help" and hover your mouse over the hands and click on the one that says, "Child Sponsorship" or click HERE. It could be the beginning of a journey that could change your life.


Tara Anderson said...

So glad you have a new one to sponsor, love and pray for...he's a cutie! :)

The Sanders Family said...

Oh my, I can see so much life and love in those sweet little eyes of his! He is blessed to have the Almquist family as sponsors, as I'm sure you'll be blessed by sponsoring him. It's neat to see how God grows us through situations just as this. Can't wait to see what God has in store for him, and for your family!

Shawna&Co. said...

Congrats on your newest little boy ;) What a sweetheart he is!

Lexilooo said...

Landon! That is so wonderful, and I somehow missed the news that Samuel was adopted! So, so wonderful. I am still sponsoring Jenna, though she has been match with a family, I am waiting to see what will happen!

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