Monday, March 21, 2011

Nifty Mitts--Great Gift Idea!

I have a friend named Trudy from our church who had a marvelous idea.
She had this really neat pair of Microwave Mitts that she had gotten from her sister about 5 years ago. They were so fantastic she had looked everywhere for another pair just in case hers ever wore out. Well, she came up empty handed not finding anything exactly like what she had and she liked hers so well.

SO ... she brought them to me and  allowed me to share in her idea knowing that I have a heart for orphans and sewing and that my proceeds would most likely end up showering others in part--she even sold them at her workplace for me at Christmas time! And truly they are Nifty.

I've started selling them at Ruffled Feathers Company along with my skirts. They would be a perfect gift for that lucky Mom in your life for Mother's Day or your sister at Easter or even a good friend "just because" or just to cheer someone up! (They even work for men and I DO have some woodsy-manly fabrics ... although let me know if you'd like them a little larger so all their fingers to fit in the top pocket. My brother got a pair for Christmas and uses them with 3 fingers instead of 4 and that works fine too.)

I'll make 'em in any color/color combo you'd like. Many of my fabrics are listed on the sidebar of the Ruffled Feathers Site, however I have others too including Christmas fabrics. And if you like surprises I can work from directions like, "I like blues and purples, but absolutely no reds," if you really want to leave the fabric up to me.

There are so many great things about these nifty mits--

  • they're hand-washable, 
  • they include a magnet for hanging on the microwave or dishwasher or fridge, and 
  • with so many colors what a neat way to seasonally spice up your kitchen! 
  • You could get a pair that coordinates with an apron from Scarlet Threads for the ultimate gift set!
  • I've priced them at $10/pair, but I'll also sell them 3 pair for $27. (also Trudy's idea--see isn't she great too!)

This is Easton's little hands in them and although at 5 years old he's a little young to be removing things from the microwave as it's up high, his 7 year old brother has used them quite a bit.

Put 'em on--Fingers in one side, thumb in the other and bend.

Use 'em--safely remove your hot bowl or plate from the microwave. (Best done with one on each hand.)

 Hang 'em up--they're magnetic!
If you'd like a pair please email me  (almquist at fmtcs dot com) or leave me a comment. I'm (slowly) working on getting a PayPal button up on the site too.

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