Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sweet Recovery

Thank you for your prayers! Nolan was so brave and came through like a champ!
(It wasn't just him who needed that long nap yesterday afternoon!)

Nolan rode in the wagon to the toy room for some trucks to play with while we waited ... but when it came back for the BIG ride apparently he had been listening pretty well and there was NO way he was getting in! So, we opted for the quick hand-off with some big tears. 

Sweetly cuddled in Dad's arms during recovery

He did pick out a sweet stuffed moose as a reward from the doctors to be waiting for him when he woke up which we were pretty proud of! (Jeff JUST missed the deadline for applying for a moose license for the fall hunting season the night before so it was kinda funny that Nolan chose a moose.)

But I really love today and seeing Nolan busily playing with trains! Yay!

Thank you again for praying for him!


Shawna&Co. said...

So glad to hear the surgery went well. What a sad/sweet little guy in Jeff's arms. The moose comment made me giggle! Hope he has an easy recovery!

Tara Anderson said...

So glad everything went well! Praying for a speedy recovery!!!

Chris Brewer said...

I am so glad he was up and playing with trains today! The boys are wonderful! So is Sasha! I forgot about the yogurt; darn.

TanyaLea said...

Glad to hear he pulled through his surgery well, and is on the road to a speedy recovery. It's a good sign seeing him play with his train set. Loved the photo of Nolan in Jeff's arms. He's such a cutie! The 'moose' choice made me smile, too... how funny is that!?! ;) Oh the irony!!! Maybe you should buy Jeff a stuffed moose mount for his wall for Father's Day! ;) LOL!! j/k!

Get well soon, sweet Nolan!!!


Randy and Rita Rippee said...

How wonderful that all went well on his surgery! We'll continue to pray that he is back to normal in no time flat. Kids are good at doing that you know, a lot better than adults at that!

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