Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday--Sprouts

Monday and Tuesday were reserve snow make-up days for our school, and since we didn't have the opportunity to use them this winter, the boys had a LONG weekend of Friday, Monday and Tuesday ALL off from school! They enjoyed the time at home to just hang out playing outside and inside (can we say Playstation NHL 10) and to also work through some bad tummy bugs that had been getting Easton down. Well ... I ended up sick with an achy cold by the weekend just in time for my long-looked-forward-to Ladies Retreat with the church ladies and Nolan is just now working through some tummy issues ... but we're rallying.

On Monday though I was so blessed by this:

The boys, ALL ON THEIR OWN INITIATIVE, made notes (3 in all) for Landon at ND in China. Talk about bless my socks off. For so long I have wanted them to have a heart for those who have been dealt a harder road in their young lives. And especially I have wished for them to have a heart for orphans. But my earlier attempts of trying to get them interested in serving others really were met mostly with disgruntled hearts ... with a few soft spots here and there. But lately I've noticed something new. Something that doesn't have so much to do with anything I have been doing because I kinda decided to lay off and just do what I was doing and not so much pushing on what I wish they were doing. When the earthquakes hit Japan earlier this month, Easton's first thought was, "I hope Landon is alright!" (He's not yet too familiar with geography although he knows that China and Japan are both far, far away.) And he also asked if he could send something special to him and picked out a cute Lightning McQueen car. Ahhh, melt my heart!
And then this ...
it may be small but it means so much ... to me.
It's these sprouts that I pray grow roots and turn ultimately into much good fruit for them!

P.S. The "GR" on the top of the sign is for "Grand Rapids"--their dad's high school team who they just LOVE. Easton is #2 and Landon gets to be #5.

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The Sanders Family said...

Awww, so cute! Nothing better than seeing our kids develop compassion for God's children. So neat! Just keep praying and giving that example with your own big heart, and God will do the rest! :)

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The family