Thursday, April 14, 2011

and then I saw their faces ...

I was planning of course to shop the LWB art auction ... but first I thought I'd see who it was that would be receiving the life saving gifts through this event this year. 

Oh my ...

That's when I felt my heart leave me--

Currently, they have 7 URGENT children and 17 non-urgent kids in need of funding on their website.
To fund their needs LWB needs $38,990 for the urgent children 
and over $52,000 for the non-urgent needs.

Here are a few lives YOU can help change just by shopping the Art Auction!
(You can view all that is written about them AND the other children benefiting from this year's art auction proceeds HERE.)
(be still my heart with this sugar-plum!)

(What a strapping young man! Makes me want to have 4 boys.)

(JUST when I thought it could not get sweeter!)

(Her orphanage will prepare her adoption file ONLY ONCE she receives surgery!)

(What a smooch-kin!)

LWB art auction runs through April 19th ending throughout that day and you can find it HERE.
Items will be added through the day on April 14th (so keep checking back!)

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roomforatleastonemore said...

Hi Valerie

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! And yes, we are adopting LWB's Keely. She will be our second daughter and sixth child! We are so excited!!! Thank you so much for advocating for LWB's work and the children!!!

The family

The family