Friday, April 22, 2011

Bloomin' Bling

Yet another "bloom" to blog about:
Have you checked out A Beau Ideal? It has some very sweet blossoms for your hair! AND they have a drawing right now for a $25 gift card AND 20% of their sales through June will go to help the bow creater's sister go to Africa this summer on an incredible Mission Trip!

Now ... we don't have a huge call for hair bows in this house of all boys ... but ... there is me ... and I count. I was wondering, could I pull off a little bling on a clippie? I'd love to do a headband ... but they just don't work with my head shape and my thin hair.
BUT ...
She can transform these into clippies or headbands or broches! I'm thinking maybe, just maybe I am young enough to still clippie here or there? Oh yeah ... especially this summer if I wear my hair up! And Mother's Day coming up ... maybe my mom would like a forever flower brooch?

Now to decide on a color and style!
Check them ALL out here !

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Lexie said...

Thank you SO much for posting about our "beaus" Valerie!

And i DEFINITELY think you can pull off the hair clip. We did a craft fair recently, and a few moms got some clips...and they looked fabulous!

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