Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hope Hatched--Updated

Yesterday afternoon, just before sunset, Hope hatched!!

They caught the egg-breaking footage last night, which I saw on the news, but all I was able to see this morning was a family shot with Hope somewhere in the mix. (See the one upright chick and 2 fuzzy lumps and the piece of egg on the very right?)
Although my somewhat negative husband mentioned in reply to my excitement that Hope would probably be pecked to death by her siblings--oh my goodness!--I think that she will do quite fine and grow up to be the big chick of the nest.

I'm holding out for Hope.

If you want to follow the birdies, er', I mean, carnivorous eagles, you can find them here:

Update!!--THIS JUST IN! "The Eaglets-3"

The family

The family