Friday, April 22, 2011

My Easter Dress

So I was "interviewing" fabric the other night--the process where I lay out different materials into combinations that I think might look good for dresses and skirts for my lil' girl skirt company, Ruffled Feathers, when something struck me.

Hmmm ... creativity.
It can be a good thing ... or a not so good thing. Sometimes I gotta admit that I don't reach that point where I can sit back and say, "and it was all very good" all the time!
Sometimes things don't quite work out.
But hey ... it's a dress or skirt. Not a big deal.

Well, this night I was struck with the notion of making a BIG GIRL skirt ... for myself ... for Easter. 

I found a photo of a simple skirt online that I liked and took my measurements (another humbling moment) and started sketching it out on paper.  I sewed it up, tried it on, made some alterations, pinning it up and taking it in and cutting it here and there ... then the magenta top that I thought looked great with it didn't really work out once ON me. 
Amazingly I found a really cute white sweater on 40% off at a local store (yes, someone was watching out for me as I had Nolan in tow, the other 2 boys waiting patiently for me in the car and 5 minutes to run in to the store in this very small town near where we live and glean their clearance rack before getting B to football practice! How could there be something in my size and in what I had envisioned?)

Okay ... I haven't actually tried it all on together ... but I'm hopeful. (Please ignore the black background ... the white sweater got lost in the carpet color without it ... not much time for a nice photo-shoot this morning. (Click on it if you'd like to see it larger ... it has a beautiful flower and ruffles.)
 Then out of the scraps I made some delightful matching bracelets ... I'm so excited.

I think I'll stick to making little girl skirts ... but ... if I had a little girl I would be REALLY tempted to make a Mommy and Me skirt set! Oh come on. I'd make a matching set ... what am I saying.
It would be really, really cute! The boys ... just couldn't talk 'em into it ... ( Shoot! ... if I would have chosen blue fabrics I could have made them matching ties. Maybe next year?)

(Check back and if it works out I'll post a photo of it on ... but ... we'll see.)


Football and Fried Rice said...

i love it!! i love it with the pink shirt :) And I LOVE the matching bracelets!

WilxFamily said...

I love it too!!!! You have such an amazing talent! I was in the fabric store yesterday...don't know why as I can't sew, but thought of you and how the Lord has blessed you with such a talent!

Love the skirt! You will look beautiful!

The Sanders Family said...

Sure, just whip yourself up and Easter outfit. No problem. ha! I'm amazed that you can just sew yourself an outfit AND matching bracelets like that! geez, woman! Can't wait to see them in person. They look beautiful in the photos, and I'm sure you'll be beautiful Easter morning. I, on the other hand, still don't have an Easter outfit picked out. I found nothing I liked (for a price I liked) at the Mall of America today, so now it's hitting Kohls and Target on the way home and hoping I find something that will work there!!! Wish I had the ability to just design and sew myself an outfit! See you Sunday!

The family

The family