Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NOW look what is blooming!

Look what has been blooming in the Ruffled Feathers workshop!
4 Apron dresses and 1 skirt all for special Easter dresses!
(click to see larger detail)
(in this grouping the smallest is a 3T and the largest is an 8/10 ... but I can create something for whatever size your little sugar-plum requires. )

The blue Amy Butler designed fabric dress is for a girl from Brayden's hockey team ... and I don't think he's believing that she wears dresses as he's only seen her in hockey gear or sweats before--HA!

I am SO anxious to have them try them on when they are delivered tomorrow. Oh my goodness. I'm anxious, nervous and excited all wrapped into one. Oh I hope they fit perfectly and that they love them! And I promised myself that I would actually follow through with an invoice on this order for once. I am SUCH a bad bad business person! Love to create, hate to charge. Not a good business model, eh?

Hop on over to Ruffled Feathers Company if you would like to see some of the newest fabrics that have just arrived!

**P.S. I can add buttons instead of the knot tie on the Apron dresses if you prefer as seen in the 2 smaller dresses.


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Love, love, love the knot dresses!!

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