Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Snapshot-Nolan-Pie

My Nolan-Pie
What a guy. I love him SO much!
The unusually warm weather last week inspired Nolan and I to dust off the jogging stroller, pump up the tires, load up a picnic and take a walk to the lake a mile a half down the road! 
(aka: earlier known in my life as my running loop ... oh my that is a distant memory that I would also like to revisit ... (sigh) but I digress.)
The menu: PBJ sandwich, chips, chocolate chex, a juicebox
(nobody said it had to be totally healthy, right?)

The picnic was so SUPER sunny (almost too much ... at least for photos where I'd like eyes to be open.) But it was SO worth every sunbeam and squint! We are SO sun-deprived here in the MidWest! 

We didn't actually make it all the way to the lake before we pulled off to a little spot near some lilac bushes near a field (that I'll have to post photos of when they bloom in a couple of weeks!) to break out the picnic to avoid Nolan falling asleep and missing it all. Whew! Good idea!

And what fun when we made our destination!
The food picked us both up and gave us LOTS of energy for throwing rocks ...

and throwing even more rocks ...

and stomping on the metal ramp that led up to the dock, making LOTS of noise that a certain two-year old LOVES! 
Up and back ... Up and back ... stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp!
(I LOVE the way this two year old runs with his legs whipping out like egg beaters as he literally takes flight into air.
Oh to be two!
And I love the way that he insists on wearing his fire helmet all the time ...
including in the car ... even if it means he has to wear it backwards to accommodate that darn LONG brim in the back not cooperating with his car seat.

Love you Nolan!
You are such a gift!
Sunday Snapshot


The Sanders Family said...

Awww, so fun! He is so precious! I forgot to tell you that the other day, I replaced the four 8x10 closeups of the four kiddos I have hanging on the wall by the basement fireplace. Anyway, when the kids got home from school, they were looking at the photos and seeing the new faces. Cooper says, "Mom...why did you put Nolan on the wall?" Nolan, huh? Long story short, Cooper thought the photo of Gavin looked like Nolan because, "He's always smiling too!" :) Love those always-smiling little boys!!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

What a sweet Mommy and Son lunch date!

We sure enjoyed the ONE day of sumshine WE got last week ;) spent the whole day at thempark - and so glad we did because it's now a distant memory......


The family

The family