Friday, May 6, 2011

An anniversary and another dress

It's our 11th anniversary today. Yay!
Love you honey (wait a second, I don't think Jeff reads my blog--ha!)
Oh where did my waist go? I look at this photo and wish I still had my figure! (sigh.)

The Royal Wedding last week brought back so many memories from our wedding--I guess for many reasons. The time of year. Marrying my prince who I waited a LONG time for! And who doesn't feel like a princess for their wedding?
And yet, the sadness of not having Will's mother there for him echoed in my heart how much I missed having my Dad walk me down the aisle. It was all so fresh for me at the time as he had a heart attack that called him home to Heaven only 5 months before our ceremony. I question why it was so important at the time for me to be engaged for a year and a half! Ug. I guess I wanted everything to be "perfect." I am so thankful that Jeff had driven to my parent's house (unbeknownst to me) and asked my parents for my hand in marriage BEFORE he proposed to me at Christmas of 1998. That meant so very much to me at the time and even more now.
He truly is a prince!

I also remember a CD that a co-worker had given to me in those months between the funeral and the wedding. On it was a song by Chris Rice about a wedding feast. My selfish sad heart didn't want to "get it" at the time--but I do now. I love that song so much and I look forward to a greater wedding feast to come! And I can't wait to see all my of family and friends there!
BTW--Did you notice the detail on my dress--oh I love it a lot! My love of dresses has a long history. Hmmm, wonder if I'll have a granddaughter someday who will want to wear it? I always dreamed of a daughter wearing it.

So funny--
but weddings are about dreams aren't they? Dreams and promises, faithfulness and love.

SO ... in honor of our anniversary and my love of dresses and of Jeff ... I'm going to post another dress for The Sparrow Fund through Ruffled Feathers Company.

Zaza Blossoms Apron Dress
3T size
Another featured skirt found at Ruffled Feathers Company.
This dress BEGS for summer with it's wild blooms.
And little tan arms after a summer swim at the pool would be perfect in it!
It can be worn with a shirt underneath (even a long sleeve if it gets really cool) and leggings if it's Fall or winter, or just bare simply as a summer dress on a hot day! And truly? You could simply sew a button on each of the strap ends to make them longer and get years and years of use out of it by using it as a apron shirt if your sugar plum grows up but not necessarily out! Talk about versatile! (click on any of the photos to see them larger.)
 I just love the fabric on the top of this dress! It has pizzazz. And I have more if you need it in another size or style.
The straps are fuchsia and aqua-marine and the skirt is emerald on lime with a fuchsia stripe that matches the strap ties. The flowers in the bodice unite them beautifully!

Be sure to check back for the next featured dress/skirt!


Tara Anderson said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I wish I still had my wedding figure, too. :) And...I think I'm going to need a couple of these dresses in a larger size. Do you think you could pull off a 5 and a 7?

The Sanders Family said...

Beautiful, Valerie! What a perfect bride you were :) Happy anniversary to you both!

Love the new apron dress. And I see your little model is at it again. If he ever gets tired of humoring mom, you know who to call ;)

TanyaLea said...

Happy Anniversary!! :)

...and you're not too far off from that figure ~ I've seen photos of you!! However, I know the feeling all too well. I can't even remember how it felt to have that figure... it has been WAY too long for me! Oh the things I used to take for granted!!

You were a GORGEOUS bride, BTW!!

Love the new apron dress... and your little model! ;) The colors are just too pretty. I'm thinking you should take Angie up on her 'model' offer, should your little man start to get an 'image' sporting all of mommy's pretty dress creations!! LOL!

Have a blessed Mother's Day, my friend!! <><


Lexilooo said...

happy belated anniversary! hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Happy 11 years!!!!! I love the Zara dress! Love that model you have!!!!1

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