Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eight Years Ago ... Tomorrow

First of all, thank you to everyone's sweet words during our LONG sickness! I just finally started feeling "normal" again yesterday afternoon and had lunch (Ramen noodles) around 3pm. How good it is to feel the feeling of "hunger" again after nearly a week.
Oddly, I've lost no weight during this episode. My goodness ... with all the yuckiness there could at least be a little slack in my jeans couldn't there? Oh well ... I'm just glad to have everyone on the path to wellness.

So, back to the title. Eight years ago tomorrow I became a mom for the first time. It was a journey that I liken to a potter. Seriously. This potter however had work to do! And as I was spun on the potter's wheel to be fashioned as a "mother" I think I had to be smashed down and reformed quite a few times in the process. The morning sickness was long and grueling, the idea of the path to motherhood wasn't exactly what I imagined it would be ... in fact even the delivery was LONG and unbelievably hard--I know, that's why they call it "labor" ... but mine was three days long. THREE. DAYS. LONG.
And I am NOT embellishing here. It started on a Friday and Brayden was born early Sunday morning. It was over 36 hours of HARD labor. And after birthing 2 more children I realize what the hard labor section of labor is and I look back on Brayden's story and I am in awe and thanksgiving that all ended up well for both Brayden and me.

I have no doubt he was in distress for quite some time--even before they put the monitor in his scalp while he was still unborn!--even before the monitors would start beeping wildly every time I would push as the cord was around his neck and pinching off blood and his heart rate would crash. Even when they finally admitted that there had been no amniotic fluid around him for quite some time making it difficult for him to move down to be born.
In retrospect I know it was part of a process. And I choose to see it as God forming me to be what it would take to parent this child.

I love Brayden so much!
He made me to be a mom.
He was my first boy.
He is so sports minded. And so very smart.
And he has a fierce thread in him!
Oh I'm learning to be light-hearted when we bump heads and to have patience knowing that his strong will is being sharpened and focused for something wonderful and so made just for him!

I pray that God will fashion and mold all that he is and all that he has to bring Him glory!

Yes ... eight years ago tomorrow Brayden was born.
And he made us a FAMILY.


Lexilooo said...

happy birthday brayden!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Happy Birthday, Brayden!!

(Glad that you are feeling better)

Tara Anderson said...

Happy Birthday to your precious Brayden!!!

TanyaLea said...

Glad you are on the mend ~ I've been so sick fighting off bronchial 'bugs' this spring, one of the worst seasons I can remember ...but I'm on the mend and feeling SO much better now, too!!

Happy 8th Birthday to your handsome Brayden! ...and to his mommy as she remembers that very special day! (love the photo of your hubby and belly!!)


The Sanders Family said...

36 hours of labor is something that definitely entitles you to be called a real woman, so wear that title proud Valerie!
So glad that you had Brayden. Otherwise, where would Gabe be without his 'brother.' Happy birthday Brayden!!!

The family

The family