Monday, May 9, 2011

LizzyBeth Dress--Today's Featured Skirt

Did you hear?
I won the gift card give-away at A Beau Ideal! What a super way to start out a weekend that included our anniversary, my mom's birthday AND Mother's Day. (whew. I'm celebrated out.)

And it totally makes up for the excessive hockey that was played all weekend, Jeff spending the afternoon and night farming on Saturday and Easton hurling on the bathroom floor at the restaurant when we went out to eat for Mother's Day last night. (oh the joys of being "Mom!")

These bows/hair clips/brooches at A Beau Ideal are SO unique and adorable. They would totally match my little girl skirts so well! And since they're not your average bow they are sure to stand out and make an outfit special! I'm thinking something in red/mint/pink would go well with the skirt below. However ... my gift card? Well I'm fulfilling that with something special for me :-)

This week contains yet another special day for me ... and in honor I present "The LizzyBeth Dress." I have my reasons for naming this skirt this way, but I'm not sayin' right now. Don't get overly excited it's nothing earth shattering, but it is meaningful ... to me. And I simply love this skirt and hope you do too.

The LizzyBeth Dress
4T size ready to ship 
(12" length, 20" unstretched waist) (also available in other sizes and styles)

Okay, this is actually a skirt ... but "Dress" rhymed a whole lot better. It is today's featured skirt at Ruffled Feathers Company for The Sparrow Fund. (You can view many previously featured skirts/dresses that are still available by scrolling down through the previous posts or online at Ruffled Feathers Company.)

This skirt combines a striking bold Asian print over a swirly cucumber mint print. Gold metallic accents pop against the inky black background and also on the swirly red edging. This would look refreshing paired with a minty green tank top or very dramatic with something black! It either dresses up or down with just enough poof to twirl without being too huge.

(my new found spur-of-the-moment model ... our globe)

This photo is a bit washed out, but shows the beautiful way the skirt drapes and flows.

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Football and Fried Rice said...

I am glad you got something for yourself!! You deserve it!

LOVE the new skirt :)

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