Friday, May 13, 2011

overwhelmed and discouraged

i hate days like these when the sun has disappeared and the warm weather is gone. it's damp and cold and i really don't even feel like finding the shift key to capitalize where i should.

wednesday was so beautiful outside. summer was here by-passing spring, ruffled feathers was the focus company of the day for the sparrow fund, my house was clean, i felt so in control.

go ahead and laugh here ... 'cuz you know it's going to change in the next sentence.

then nolan woke up early from his nap. odd. he's usually a good napper. he laid down in the living room and i finished up my project upstairs ... then i heard it ... that nasty sound that makes mothers cringe. he was throwing up.

i dashed downstairs but it was too late
on the couch cushion
on the might-as-well-be white carpet
on himself

goodbye clean house
goodbye control
goodbye nice day

poor buckaroo.
but he was playing again and light-hearted.
i thought he had to be done and so i packed him in the car to get his brother to baseball practice on time. nope. he gerfed on the 7 mile car ride there. smooshing his face in the soaked towel.
he was fine at the outdoor practice where there was plenty of green grass and lawn to "use."
of course we got back into the truck to return home and he gerfed again. this time turning the bowl upside down on his head. oh yes ... a shower all over him and his carseat.
poor kid [gabe] who was ride-sharing with us that day--he was sitting next to him.

[you know it's bad when i used the shift key]
we got home and brayden fell ill--taking after his brother but thankfully being much cleaner about it all but so much more of a high-maintanance kid.

by evening i wasn't feeling well but it didn't truly hit until ... you'll never anticipate this ... the electricity went out on me. oh yes, right at that moment. i didn't know if i should laugh or cry ... but there was not time to do either as the boys started on another round themselves. by morning and several more rounds later jeff had succumbed too and i was able to send our only "well" child to school and go back to the house of 7up and soda crackers. at least it was sunny and hot.

today i thought all was well even if it was cold and rainy. however ... nolan has gerfed all morning long, pretty much dry heaves at this point, playing in between but really not able to focus on much.
i'm wiped out and overwhelmed and really discouraged on so many fronts.
if you see the sun and could send it my way i'd appreciate it.
oh yes, and there's a new skirt posted at the ruffled feathers site. but it's too beautiful to post here today.


Shannon said...

Oh my friend...that is more than any Mama should have to take!!!!! Praying for you that all stays down where it should from now on in your house...and car...oh I could not help but laugh about the bowl on the head, that comes straight out of a movie or something!
Sending hugs & prayers your way!

Football and Fried Rice said...

You sound like you are having a day like I have been familiar with!! Oh, you need some chocolate :) Wish I was closer! Id give you a big hug, then we would say heck with the house & go watch a chick flick!!!!!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, Id bring some truffles of some sort :-)

hang in there!!!!


Girly Girl Mommy said...

Oh yuck, Valerie! Wish I could send you some sun, but it's a miserable cold and rainy weather day here. Are y'all on the mend? I get queasy just thinking about cleaning all that comes with a sick kid. You poor thing!! On his head, really?

I had 6 kids out from my class today and I sent one more home sick who said she thought she might throw up. No idea why the others were out, and despite having a very enjoyable teaching day, I'm nervous about what germs might have been overtaking my classroom.

You taught me a new word. Never heard gerfed before.

Take care of yourself!!

Tara Anderson said...

And here I thought that kind of stuff only happened to me! :) I do hope things start to make a turn for the the very least you deserve a sunny day to help you along!

WilxFamily said...

OH Valerie!! Dumping his barf bowl on his head? If it weren't would be hilarious.

My friend...I will be praying for you...your sanity and that the puke train will come to a abrupt one at that!

Diane said...

Oh Valerie, I know just how you feel! It's been one of those "years" for me too! And with nine children sometimes I've felt I would NEVER get through the vomitting and the terrible messes!
It will get better. The sun will come out again soon! I am certain of it!
God bless you! And your skirts are BEAUTIFUL!

The Sanders Family said...

Oh Val!!! I feel so terribly bad!!! I thought when you weren't at the game today and I hadn't heard from you that maybe things weren't going well. I thought to check the blog, since it's too late to call at this point, and am so sorry to read this. Oh goodness, you deserve a vacation (alone, perhaps) and a mother-of-the-year award! Please, please let me know if there's anything I can do to help. I hope you're feeling better and your family is on the mend. And don't worry a bit about Gabe...didn't phase him much but instead, gave him a good story to tell about Brayden ;) Anyway, hugs, and many prayers to you!

The Sanders Family said... comment should say, a good story to tell about Nolan! ha! Sleep-deprived over here! ;) Hope to see you soon, and I'll be checking in with you to see if I can help at all!

Gretchen said...

Poor thing. So sorry to hear about all of your sickies. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

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The family