Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer is Here!

Or so the calendar says ... it was a cold and rainy last day of school. And believe it or not, with only ONE snow day this year (amazing!) and having started classes last August 17th, the boys' last day was yesterday. yes, STILL in May! That hasn't happened FOREVER it seems!

Last Day of School
And did you notice on the other side of the school bus, our neighbors waiting to welcome the boys home too?
These are HUGE horses that are so gentle (I hear anyway) and beautiful. They are half-siblings to our younger horse, Scout, whom Jeff took later in the evening to a trainer who will be keeping him for a month until he is "green broke"--which I think translates to, "someone is able to ride him, but certainly not me!"
No, I don't ride ... although Jeff would love it if I would. Ug. I guess I would if we had a gentle, dead-broke horse I'd be okay!
Anyway, our 18 year old horse, Bubba, just was so frantic being all alone with Scout gone. And of course it was a windy night which didn't help his mood. He was neighing and neighing to these neighbor horses ... and they would neigh back running up and down their pasture. I'm not sure of the conversation, but I think they may have been looking for our horse?

Here's to the start of summer. Did I mention that it's day one of break and Brayden has already attempted to build a BOAT out of plywood in the garage? Oh my! Luckily he came in before he found the caulk or the nails (ack!) And Nolan has already ripped the Slip N' Slide after only 10 minutes of having it up? It could be a long summer!


Girly Girl Mommy said...

Happy summer!! Today was my last day, but their girlies have until June 17.
How are you going to occupy your crew?!?

TanyaLea said...

Oh no! Hopefully they're just getting that start-of-summer excitement overload out of their system!! ;)

Beautiful horses. Breanna is such a horse-lover, she'd be in heaven there!!

I can't remember if my kids have EVER been out of school in May. Don't think so. It's June 7th for us, and we only had one snow day, too. But we don't start until after Labor Day, which is how I prefer it.

Have a blessed Memorial Weekend! <><

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