Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Girls vrs the Groundhog

So I did a marathon trip to W@lmart this morning/afternoon in prep for our upcoming trip ... didn't want to do it with 3 kids in tow, but knew I'd have to. That's the life of a SAHM--although don't think that I didn't consider going after the kids were in bed and Jeff was home! But I didn't.

The kids knew the ground rules, I packed a lunch because it never fails they are hungry and it would inevitably cross over into the lunch hour and beyond.

And unfortunately I cannot report that the trip was a super duper time. Nolan squawked the whole time and the boys ran around like they were 2 and were just horrible. And I say that lovingly with shock and horror and disappointment because they know how to behave and most of the time do. But not today.


I guess the splash pad had to do without us today because there was NO WAY we were visiting there after that!
The boys got the message as we somberly ate our sack lunch in the car. And in the last two stores they redeemed themselves ... luckily.

Okay--that was all background for my day that really doesn't matter for the post ... nor does the fact that I found Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread which I haven't seen for years! I literally had in my mind during the above scenario, "God I need some help here," and I looked up and saw it on the shelf. I'm calling that a God moment. He really does know our every need!

So, after hauling the 40 bags of groceries into the house after I got home I decided to rest a bit and look at fabric and patterns  online to recover. Suddenly our dog, Sasha, starts barking ... which she only does when someone pulls in or there is a deer ... and then her bark gets down right angry and persistent which is really rare! And the boys report that she has a wild animal backed into the corner.

Dear Nolan was asleep in the van (doors open and it was cool) THANKFULLY the garage door was down because Sasha had it backed up against the garage door corner!
The "wild animal" was a ground hog (a wood chuck, a marmot, a land beaver ... it's all the same)

What's a mom to do? I instructed the boys to stay in the house, call 911 if it got ugly and I was attacked ... and to pray for me.
I donned my husbands tall rubber farm boots, grabbed a spade and went tag team with the only other girl in the house, our dog, Sasha.

She really should get most of the credit as she had it cornered. I just delivered the "whack" that allowed her to nab it and shake it unconscious ... repeatedly. And then ... I did the final blows.
Yuck! Not fun.

I've never killed anything furry other than a mouse ... although the episode with the 3 snakes in the garage when the boys were babies was somewhat similar (no help from Sasha there however. She draws the line at snakes.)

What a great dog she is! I don't say that enough. And I feel quite close to her right now having conquered the evil groundhog together.
Thanks Sasha!


Girly Girl Mommy said...

Yuck. I'm so not a farm girl.

I had a Target trip yesterday with my kids that sounds very similar. And no afternoon at the pool thanks to their behavior (or lack there of).

Tara Anderson said...

I feel like this post is lacking a video.... :)

Football and Fried Rice said...

Woah. I'm pretty sure you are my new hero :-)

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