Thursday, June 9, 2011

How Can You Not

The NDFH Match Challenge
I can't believe I missed this post when it was fresh!

But then again ... I'm glad I saw it now and that you are reading about it now too.
Please post it to your fbook and your blog, tell your neighbor and your friends. It is just too cool to miss out on!

Here's the short version. Please go to the above link for the FULL skinny on the story!

There is a mom out there, much like you and me, who longs to do something for orphans in need of surgery.
But like you and me, she's not a millionaire, she has kids and endless errands and practices and a very full day.
But her heart still deeply longs to do something for these children who wait. They wait to have parents of their own. They wait to have homes of their own. They wait to have surgeries that will help to put them on the road to adoption. Because without these surguries they very well may not be adopted... or live to be adopted.

And so she is throwing a challenge out there to you and me and would like us to be a part. She has made the challenge to match DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR all donations made through the NDFH Challenge Chip In Button for Surgeries up to $5,000!  Did you catch that?
So if the goal of $5,000 is reached New Day will receive $10,000! That's enough for a heart surgery to help someone like sweet Roy:
Oh sweet Roy--if he was your son would you wait to give him the heart surgery he needs? Just think even $10 is actually $20 when it is matched by this challenge! $50 becomes $100! What a beautiful way to bless the life of a child, and a family who will someday adopt this child to be their own, and to glorify God all the way.

Renee waits for spinal surgery
Pass up an evening eating out, or donate all or part of your garage sale or farmer's market earnings, or return some bottles and cans for deposit, or just go crazy and dig deep-- it would bless these kids' socks off!

Elliot waits for surgery very dear to my heart

I'm reminded of so many examples from the Bible of how God makes BIG things out of little things--The loaves and fishes, the widow with 2 coins, the parable of the mustard seed ... God seems to love to show His greatness through His work in the tiniest of things! Through faith in His ability to provide and our willingness to give God makes things happen.

I cannot wait to see that matching number rise and rise and rise!
I'd love to hear what cool way you've come up with to donate.

Join in the challenge!
Go here for the ND Match Challenge chip-in on the sidebar by July 16!
OR click on the chip-in on my sidebar!

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