Monday, June 27, 2011

Storybook Pixies & Dinosaur Roars

I've somehow misplaced my camera today. I'm praying that it is in the minivan sports-car that Jeff took to work. (That was for Jeff who cringes with the thought of driving a minivan.)

SO, since I feel compelled to make a post and move beyond those yucky photos of ticks and Lyme disease from the last one ... I will post on a few of my favorite new fabrics that I just ordered! I simply Cannot Wait for these to come in! I already have the apron dress all worked out in my mind! (I think)
However, I just ordered the fabric minutes ago.

This is the main Pixie Fairy fabric that I LOVE!
(apparently the background is tan ... even though I see it here as being more pink)
This is the pallet that I plan to use:
I was thinking the apron dress bodice would be red/pink dots, the skirt would be the pixie fairies, a nice edge of the aqua fabric on the bottom with maybe an accent of the navy/dot in a stripe somewhere and also for the straps.
I have to work in the pink stars too somewhere maybe as a little removable apron with some fun buttons? ... hmmm ... should be fun deciding on a couple of options!

Let me know if you have other suggestions or if you find those Pixies just precious too!
And if you are sad that my boys will be left out once again ... I did order a yard of this:
Dinosaur Roars:
I was thinking I'd try my hand at some of those embroidered tie T-shirts. I'll keep you posted.
(True, Brayden and Easton won't be thrilled with this fabric but I have some fabric I think they'll like ... OH NO! Now Nolan says he's scared the dinosaurs will eat him ... UG! ... oh well. I try!)


Nessa said...

I love those fabrics! I always find a great fabric I love and then cannot for the life of me match or coordinate!

Love from Liberty said...

You should use the pink stars to add pockets to the dress!

Anna said...

Hi, I found your blog through a Google image search. I recently found an offcut of that pixie/fairy fabric and my daughter loves it. I realise it's an old fabric, but I'm trying to source some more to make her some clothes out of it. What website did you order it from? Do you happen to remember what brand it was? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me in my search (the things Mums do!!)

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