Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshot--Scout

We had a birthday this week at our house!
Okay, we actually had TWO birthdays of three year olds at our house this week ... but no, we don't have twins.
One is our sweet son Nolan (post to come)

and the other is our colt, Scout!
(Stefanie ... this post is for you 'cuz I think you have a little wish in your heart for a horse of your own.)

(Scout at 2-3 months)
He came RIGHT up to Jeff and Brayden in the pen 
when they went to look at the new colts. It's like he picked us.
You may remember the post a couple of weeks ago when we took Scout to a trainer to have him green-broke. Well, training is going MARVELOUSLY which is such a relief because we had some fears. The farrier (the guy who does horse hoof trimming/shoeing) had mentioned a couple of times that in his experience, which he has a lot, horses with smaller, deeper eyes and long snouts tend to be stubborn and harder to break.
I know nothing about horses ... so I tend to listen to these knowledgeable resources quite seriously.
Add that to the fact that when we had the vet out to castrate (ewww, I know, not a pretty thought but necessary) him into a gelding (stallions are not the kinda horse we want to be riding ... WAY too high strung!) it was nothing short of chaos.
Imagine, 2 vets, on top of a nearly 700 lb. four month old who took TWO shots of whatever it was that was supposed to lay 'em down flat with just one dose and he was fighting with EVERYTHING in him with TWO doses to NOT have "that" done to him. Not having seen this done before I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pretty certain this was NOT the way it was supposed to play out. In fact when I gave Jeff the gory details that night he winced at it all.
So when we dropped Scout off with a trainer and he mentioned the same thing about eyes/head and never having spoken to the other guy ... added in with the knowledge that this was a strong-minded horse that would NOT go down for his castration without a fight, I think we kinda were waiting for bad news. In fact Jeff left it with the trainer to let him know if this was going to be a "knuckle head" before we spend too much time and money on him.

Please don't let that seem callous ... but seriously, I don't want to put our boys or us on a horse that is not all there or is wild, wild, wild. We already have one horse that is for an "experienced" rider ... we don't need two of those with only one experienced rider in the family!
Did you ever hear that the least expensive part of a horse is what you spend on them when you buy them? Well it's true and this little beauty ... at four months old ... was WAY cheaper than most puppies!
Not that we care for him less because he did not cost us a pretty penny. I just find it such a blessing.
Wanna make a guess?

$100.00 (and no, I did not forget a zero)
Granted, the horse market is way down and the stallion "accidentally" got in with the mares and produced this incredible little guy along with several brothers and sisters. oopps. But YAY! for us!
But ... if we didn't grow our own hay for the last 10 years or have our own grazing ground it would cost a fortune just to keep these big guys.

On Saturday, Scout turned three years old. And while his peers may have been running The Preakness ... he was being ridden by the trainer for the first time and to our relief he said that he we had a very nice horse on our hands! And that he had taken to things very well and that he was doing GREAT!
Yes, he had lost probably a HUNDRED pounds ... which was to be expected from being in a new place, doing new things and being worked. (And we did go see him later Saturday afternoon and he had lost a good deal of weight and had a bit of "I am SO sorry for whatever I did" in his eyes--but overall he looked good.)
... and on this past Friday ... on Nolan's birthday, the trainer called again ... but this time the news wasn't so good ... he got his leg wrapped up in a lead-line while he was grazing and got a nasty raw abrasion right above his hoof and his hock and he is now scheduled to see the vet for swelling further up his leg. (Anything to do with a horse and his leg is NOT good.)
Hopefully nothing has been structurally damaged as that would be catastrophe for him! Yes, as in "he will make a nice horse blanket" kind of catastrophe. ACK!

We're praying for the best and are encouraged having visited him yesterday and seeing him put weight on it even though it is tender. He is actually a horse I can see myself being okay learning the ropes around. He is a pretty-boy too isn't he?
Happy Birthday Scout!

Sunday Snapshot


Football and Fried Rice said...

Awww 0 TWO cute three year olds at your house ;)

Stefanie said...

Awwww, that Scout is PRECIOUS! I have a real soft spot for paints, especially black and whites :)
Hope that he is okay, those leg injuries can be such a pain (for everyone involved!)

The Sanders Family said...

I had been meaning to ask for an update. Glad your horse is doing well! Happy birthday to both him and Nolan :)

Chris said...

What a sweet little guy you have there! Happy Birthday Nolan.

And, love your horse! Happy b-day to him as well! :)

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