Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A SWELL time ... in Minnesota

Well, we can't all say that we had as SWELL of a time in Minnesota as Nolan last week ...

Apparently he's very sensitive to mosquito bites! (See his left hand?) When his grandma took him down to the lakeshore to throw rocks while the rest of us were out fishing, I returned 4 hours later to find his hand like this. Yes I discovered it from across the room (perhaps someone should have phoned me or at least mentioned it?) as it looked 4 times as big as his other hand. See his white knuckles? That is totally from swelling! He couldn't close his hand and it was so hot. I wish he would have let me take a side photo of how puffy it was. I barely got these photos and I was internally freaking out so I wasn't going to push it for either one of our sakes. Seriously the skin was SO TIGHT that I was afraid it might split! (You can see where we put the ink mark 1/3 of the way up his arm to mark how high the swelling was going so we could gauge if it was growing further up his arm while I called the ask-a-nurse hotline. Of course there are no immedia-care places in the remote place we go in Minnesota and an ER visit wasn't sounding very good either ... but it was becoming a possibility since the swelling was unreal! And the ask-a-nurse people for some reason could not call us back to return my call with advice.

Luckily I did phone them again and they were able to give me the same info I pretty much already knew ... but it was nice to talk to someone.
(Click on any of the photos to see them larger, because this just does not do it justice!)

And not to leave the trip without more elephantism ... he got a bite on his ankle which swelled and then one on his ear which left him with a floppy (I kid you not) ear that looked like Califlower Ear from a wrestling mat. And then just when that one was healing he got one on the OTHER ear. Ug.

He was not humored by the camera either and would not stand still for us. Apologies for the blurriness.

With Jeff's family from MN and another trip scheduled in 3 weeks I'm not sure what to do. I guess I'll be stocking up on Benedryl and prayer! (Gretchen I totally thought of that pump you talked of with your yellow jacket sting! Funny that was probably the last post I read before our Northern journey.)
I sure hope he grows out of this!


Michele said...

Oh Valerie! My Jameson is the same way. I am terrified to let him go outside. Last year, I had to take him to the emergency room. It was awful. He was bitten twice on his cheek last week and his face was so swollen. He looked like he was a chipmunk. As much as I hate to put bug spray on him, I figure it's the lesser of two evils. My other two just react normally to mosquito bites, so I was shocked the first time. I hoped he would out grow it, but it's been two years since that first time, and so far his reaction is the same.

Tara Anderson said...

Ouch! It makes me itch just loooking at it! Poor little guy! :(

The Sanders Family said...

Oh, those pictures look painful. Poor guy!!! And as I told you, I completely can sympathize, as our kiddos have proven to be very sensitive to bites as well. As least they always get back to normal. Wouldn't want the swelling to stay like that...ouch! I'm sure Nolan maintained a smile on his sweet little face throughout it all :)

Gretchen said...

This totally happens to my Gabriel due to spider bites. We all get bit by spiders and don't even know it. When Gabriel was almost two I noticed it for the first time after nap. His ear was HUGE!! The last couple of times have been in the mountains while he is playing in the bushes. The pediatrician can give you a steroid cream and it works miracles!! We do not go on vacation without it. I have pictures of Gabriel that look just like yours!

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