Saturday, July 30, 2011

Join the Ruffled Feathers Tea Party!

My friend Sarah, who is one of my best Ruffled Feathers customers, had a BEAUTIFUL idea about 4 weeks ago. She asked if anyone had ever "sponsored" sending a large order of Ruffled Feathers Company dresses and skirts to the sweet girls at New Day.

What a novel idea.
Why did that NEVER cross my mind?!

Well, when I first read her idea, I thought, "WOW! That would be so cool! ... but then I also thought ... Wow, that would be way too much work. yikes!"I was just heading out on vacation and the boys are well, boys and quite a.c.t.i.v.e.

But the idea would not leave me ... it kept swirling in my mind ... "what if "..."Wouldn't it be cool"...
"Maybe I  could make 3 or 4 skirts"--which turned into 5 or 6 skirts and then I started counting up the girls that were a wee bit older at least and would enjoy some good ol' fashioned twirling clothes. The kind your mother may have made you when you were a girl sewing them at her dining room table while you played underneath by her toes.

So, here it is. I'm going to lay it out there for anyone to participate in (and I gotta apologize for the lateness of this but I struggled with how to present this quite honestly--I seriously want this to be a blessing to the gals at New Day--not a way for me to make money (although if you come back and order your own Ruffled Feathers skirt or dress I would be THRILLED!) If you'd like to "sponsor" a dress/skirt or a portion of the cost of a dress/skirt for the Ruffled Feathers Tea Party please leave me a comment or email me or just use the chip in button that I hope to post soon. Any amount is fine, the skirts run around $26 retail and the knot dresses $38. However,  I'm mainly looking to defray the cost of the fabric and also the cost of the leggings that I've chosen to send along with each of them (so they can wear the skirts into the colder winter months too in full chic-style!) What better time for tea than when it's chilly?!

Currently, Sarah and I are working together to send 9 skirts and 3 knot dresses (that's the count right now at least) to 12 sweet gals at New Day (ages 2-7ish??) Like I said, this is a work in progress. I would LOVE to do this again if they have fun with it! (I might even throw in a tutu or two if I have time to make one!) The thing is, I'd like to send them to NY early this week so they can go back with a traveler leaving at the end of the week, that way I can avoid having added expense of International mailing. That doesn't mean that we can't keep the fundraising open for a bit longer however! ... and hey, if you aren't interested that's okay too. I just would LOVE to involve everyone who might want to be! So pass this around, let everyone know. I need to send them off probably by Monday afternoon so if you have any special requests (I'll try to honor special requests on who gets what skirt on a first-come-first-serve basis) make them before I box 'em and ship 'em.

I'll post some photos ASAP, so keep checking back. But I wanted to get this out there to get it churning in your minds too. I will be posting a chip in button on my sidebar.
And Sarah! What an AWESOME idea!
I simply cannot wait to see some sweet lil' gals having a tea party and Ruffling some Feathers half way around the globe.
gives me goosebumps!
Let me know what ya think!


Laine said...

Oh we are IN!!!!
Please tell me if I can send you a check and we would love to sponsor Krisha (we just got our LOA for her and Keith!) and one other girl at ND for these adorable ruffles! :) What a GREAT idea!

Tara Anderson said...

We're in as well!!!! Sign us up to "sponsor" something for Cora. :)

Shannon said...

AHHHHHH! I love this idea! Someone just did this for the girls at the orphanage in Baja...they loved it! there is something about adorning a little girl who is "nothing" in the world's eyes with something of complete beauty. I will talk to Doug, I'm not sure if we can swing it, we just gave all we had extra to friends leaving monday for Ethiopia to bring home their son....I'll let you know!

Learning Together at Home said...


This is a great idea! Can you tell me how much it would be to send something Claire's size? We just love that girl! If you e-mail me, I can get back to you by Wed. We are heading out today and getting back tomorrow and then gone again... you get the drift. :)

I think this was a God breeze!

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