Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer is FLYING by.

I am WAY behind on posting for the summer ... in fact, I'm way behind on about everything. So, here are some fav images from our baseball season that ended in June. Just the photos ma'am ... no time for much else.

Nolan was in seventh heaven with the ring pop that he scored on a Saturday morning at one of his brother's games.

 Easton got to practice at one of Brayden's practices. As it was Easton's first time in the outfield it left him a little bored at times. Luckily he kept himself busy spending some time drawing in the dust.

Mr. Brayden ONE tooth. We've been waiting for this tooth to fall out since February's ski trip! He hates any sort of pain ... and he was perfectly fine having it hang there crooked by one root. UG!
He actually FINALLY lost the other one last Friday night too so anticipate a post on that sometime before ... well ... Fall.)

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Football and Fried Rice said...

Yes, it sure is!! Wow, I cant believe your property after that storm! Wow, you sure did have a lot to clean up!

Brayden is still just as cute as ever! So glad that it finally came out!

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