Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This morning Nolan and I had cheese and crackers for a snack ... which of course led to a pretty crumbly mess on his lap!
And for simplicity sake instead of brushing him off and then sweeping the floor ...
I thought I'd "save time" and just carry his chair with him in it to the deck and have him simply stand up and brush off outside.
But remember this post of my deck adventures earlier this summer?
Yup ...
It happened again.
The door apparently slammed behind me as my hands were carrying Nolan in his chair ... and we were both once again stuck outside on the deck, 12+ feet in the air, 10am in the morning ... and wait, it gets better, since I was working on finishing some sewing and a church logo and about 3 other things I was still in my jammies ... and bare foot!


So after I threw my little tantrum and while pounding on the door (no doubt amusing Nolan quite a bit) I hoisted myself down over the side of the railing once again, totally NOT feeling quite as confident this time and wondering if I would fall and end up in worse shape than Jeff! But I did make it down and around the house to unlatch the stuck door.
"Funny" how this happened just BEFORE school was out in the spring (therefore the older boys were not home to help) and now it happens again AFTER school is back in session and the older boys are not here once again.

Fitting title, eh?

But, aside from that we also went to Adventureland Amusement Park in Des Moines about 2 weeks ago and I am finally getting around to sharing some photos of our fun.

Bumper Cars

 Brayden, Easton and Jeff braved the Log Ride!
While Nolan and I checked out the Speed Boats.
My Favorite ride by far! The Raging River--
After waiting what seemed like eternity in line ... we got SO drenched!
Just for the record I am not a roller coaster loving girl. Swings are a real stretch for me. Luckily ... I have one child, Nolan, who shares those same genes. (Bummer for him.)
Notice his death grip on his dad's shirt and his terrified face?
Don't worry, he was never in danger ... I'm the biggest scary-cat and look at my smile.
And they totally noticed that it was a raft FULL of boys and set the River on "FULL SOAK" I swear! Thankfully I was not there to impress anyone, so looking a bit wet was just fine.

Jeff convinced Nolan and I to go on the Ferris Wheel. (Both of our first times!) Nolan's look of concern was nothing short of the look of apprehension on my face I'm sure.

The train ride at the end of the day was Nolan's favorite he said although I think it was the boats that he drove first ... he was just in shock after the BIG rides and he was clinging to what he knew best!
And it was the perfect day to wear the handmade bracelet Brayden made me for my birthday!
The day in the big amusement park was topped off just perfectly (for me anyway) as we stopped in a small town on the way home just STARVING and had the best Chinese dinner in a family run Chinese restaurant! (Thanks Jeff!) 
Poor Easton however had to make due with another ham sandwich left over from our noon "sack-lunch" in the car (boy are we cheap economical) on the car ride home as he not only dislikes rice but he claims most Chinese dishes. Go figure--I think he thinks it all tastes like my lousy attempts at making it. Poor boy. 


Tara Anderson said...

You may want to consider leaving a rope ladder on your deck...seeing how this is becoming a regular thing and all. :) Man, I can't believe it happened AGAIN!!! The other "Adventureland" looks a whole lot more fun! I haven't been to an amusement park since WAY back before we had kids. We might have to try Six Flags for a day or something!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh my -- I agree with Tara. Time to get a rope ladder!

Gretchen said...

I can just picture you shimming off the deck hanging on for dear life :)

Glad you had fun at the park. I hate roller coasters too, so I guess we are in the same club!!

Shawna Kurth said...

Oh Val! Your posts never fail to make me smile! I can totally relate to the "save time" theory you have. Luckily I don't have to scale down a deck with mine :) It looks like you guys had a blast at Adventureland! I just adore how Nolan is clinging to his parents in every picture. Kinzley is my daredevil {even riding the Dragon a couple years ago} Kenna would hang out with Nolan on the ladybugs ;)

Thanks for your sweet words about my skirt! I almost called you at one point about the casing/elastic/waist area. It's not right I'm sure but it stayed up! :) I'm trying to get brave enough {and a few extra hours!} to try a apron dress! Picture taking is MUCH easier than sewing! :)

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