Friday, August 12, 2011


I guess I've actually reached the max capacity given out for "free" on images for my blog (probably because I run Ruffled Feathers together with our family blog??)

SO, I'm trying to decide if I should print a blog book and delete past posts to make more room ... or just delete photos from past posts. Or pay a little bit for more room. Ug.

Has anyone had this problem? And does anyone have any good recommendations on who they may have used to capture and record their blogs? I did trial run one (I can't remember the name, but I didn't commit to it yet.) It looked very cool. Just not sure if it was $145.00 cool, ya know.

But one thing is for sure ... my little guys have grown SO MUCH! I can't believe it going back and looking at some of those photos in the old posts! As if I needed any more help being sentimental! Especially this time of year. Oh my.


Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, no! This is why people go .com!

Shawna Kurth said...

Hum.. You must post your pictures directly into the blog post? {using the picture icon above the text page}
I have never been told I have run of of room for photos on using blogger and we both know I have tend to have a photo obsession on the blog :) I actually opened up a free photobucket account and copy my photo link into the text body. I know others uses flikr or picasa too.. Let me know if you need help.

I bought two groupons to print my blog and ran out of time to upload it since it was so large GRRRRRR!!!! I am always worried blogger will crash and I'll lose my blog and all the memories and things the girls have said. It's crazy to look back and see how much they have grown. Can you believe school is in 5 days?!?!?

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