Monday, August 15, 2011

Khloe: More Pink Seeds

Two posts in one day?
--oh my--

Recently I had the pleasure of making a sponsorship button for one of my FAVORITE ND sweeties who just happens to be on "my list" of kids whose monthly updates to sponsors I help edit. Oh my goodness--what a CUTIE-PIE! Can someone actually be so cute that it hurts? Apparently so!
I'm pretty sure I remember catching my breath when I saw her photo for the first time on the ND site. I know ... I shouldn't have favorites ... but then again ... why not.

And can you believe that 3 of "my" children from the original Updates Kids list I received have already been adopted and another 4 on my current list are *spoken for and 2 of those already joined their forever families this past week!--woooo whooo!
Only Rosie and Renee remain on my list without an * by their name ... (the * denotes adoption pending.) I will be so excited when their forever families are called to them and they finally have the * too. They are such treasured rubies I am sure! What joy they will bring in filling the empty spot that waits especially for them.
These are "my kiddos" 
who are on my fridge to remind me to pray for them.
Just last week I had the joy of running across two forever families that are waiting for their children who are currently at New Day. One of them even happened to be the family of one of the children on my list!--Sweet Khloe's forever family (see her, upper left?!)... What a blessing to know that they are traveling for her VERY SOON after a very, very long wait! They are  in the final stages of fundraising for their trip in a month. Their fundraiser can be found HERE. (password: Khloe2011) 

It was a blessing to be able drop her a note right before Khloe's 4th birthday last week and have the opportunity to include a Ruffled Feathers Company gift certificate in the prize list of this last give-away fundraiser for her! God's perfect timing once again.

Some of the other SaWeeT! prizes include: 2 key fobs from Kelly at Keys to China and a gift certificate donated by Tina to Baby Be Blessed and a tee shirt from BrickOven Tee AND the biggie-prize is a color NOOK from Barnes and Noble. Check it out  HERE to see all the wonderful prizes and how you can be eligible for winning them!

**Wendy, Khloe's mom notes: Just a $5 Donation would be such a HUGE help in bringing Khloe home and will give you a couple of entries into the Gift Item of your choice!**

Also, if you would like to help bring Khloe home, there is a link to their CHIP-IN on my sidebar right by the other CHIP-IN for New Day's surgery fund that has a MATCHING FUNDS challenge. 

Did you all see that one over there?! It's having a bit of a SLOW start ... but I just have a feeling that it will take off soon with your help. I just LOVE the idea of doubling the giving amount!

Both are great opportunities to make a big difference in a little one's life. Someone you may never meet ... but who will be forever grateful.

AND If you are a sponsor of a New Day child I would be happy to make you a button of your special child for your blog. Just send me an email ... I try to get them done quickly ... sometimes they are a wee-bit delayed and with school starting I may be creating them while dabbing my tear-filled eyes with Kleenex ... but I always love to create them! And if you already have a button and would like it "refreshed" with a newer photo, just send me a request for that as well.

I've never done 2 posts in one day.
Guess I couldn't help but to share.


Football and Fried Rice said...

I'd love to be Renee's asterisk! :)

Girly Girl Mommy said...

I'm going to need a new button soon, now that Melody is home with her family. I sent a note with the name of the new sweetie we want to sponsor, but got an "out of office" reply and are still waiting on confirmation. Will let you know!!

The Sanders Family said...

Oh my goodness, she IS a doll!!!

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The family