Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Little Poof and Swirl for Yourself

Instead of blogging about my youngest son's black eye (induced by my second son and a hockey stick that was used as a baseball bat tonight at my oldest son's hockey tryouts--it was an accident of course ...please explain that to my gray hairs that are spouting by the dozen) OR the first day of school for B and E and the photos they humored me with OR the ba-jillion other things that have simply kept me running like a chicken with my head cut off for the last 2 weeks ... 

I'd like to remind you of a little poof and swirl for yourself. 

Because if you're like me ... getting the family back to school and packing away "summer" is no small undertaking and maybe you need a little pampering too about now.
Don't ya love this little set?!
What a pick-me-up.
I have the PERFECT fabric to make a matching little girl outfit to match this Vera Bradley purse set  too... and guess what?
Both could be YOURS!
Okay, not everybody has a need for a little girl skirt (however if you do, check out my sewing site
www.ruffledfeatherscompany.blogspot.com )... BUT I'm gonna guess that 99% of my readers (if not more) carry a purse of some sort. And if it's like mine ... well ... it could use an update and maybe a download of a few matchbox cars, a toy cell phone, 6 half eaten snacks, some "special" gravel rocks, blown in kleenex and maybe 16 pens/crayons/pencils.

The coolest part about this purse ... and about 10 other sets in all ... is that they are helping to bring home a young lady named Kelia to her family.
Click on over to THIS POST to see the entire collection that is available and the HOW TO'S in getting a chance at one of these hanging off your shoulder.
The fundraiser is drawing to a close so don't miss out!!! It ends August 26th and there is still plenty of room for your participation, in fact they are praying for it. This is not the first journey of adoption for this family ... but it has been their hardest.
And just think of the conversation you could kick up when somebody comments on your Lovely Purse!
I'm thinking that they would definitely hold an ice pack super-well ... ya know ... just in case.

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Football and Fried Rice said...

What the heck re you doing over there to your kids!?

Love the Vera! Can't wait to see Keliah HOME!

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