Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ruffled Feathers in Transit

Whew! They are off--in the mail--to NY and then off to New Day!
The total?
14 skirts and dresses for 14 beautiful little girls.
I am so excited and hopeful that they arrive to much joy and excitement and that they just fit perfectly. I wish I would have had time to make a tutu--but I didn't. But quite honestly without a firm deadline I could have continued to make skirts endlessly for them! It was SO MUCH FUN!
So I had to remind myself that it was important to focus and get the main package in the mail with plenty of time on the other end ... especially because it made for a pretty big package and will take some fanagelling (not sure on the spelling of that) to get them all to fit in a suitcase with everything else. Sorry Karen! Did I mention it was a pretty big box?

Because of this, I had to readdress the Chip In total by the way--I somehow forgot to figure in the shipping cost in my first numbers ... AND I also made a few extra skirts that brought the total to cover the 14 girls that I counted up between the ages of 2 and 7 (praying I didn't miss anyone!)

These are the final two skirts I made--I think I love them best--but that's usually the case of the things I sew. The last thing finished is my favorite. And then I see the next fabric combination and fall in love all over again. HA! I seriously love all the skirts and knot dresses we've sent. It will be so fun to see them on the different girls. Especially since the leggings are so mix and match interchangeable.  Some are capris, some are long, some have buttons ... there will definitely be options ... and to the future mamas to these girls I apologize if I've started something in them that will require a large closet down the road. However, let me assure you ... I can help fill it (heehee!)

Anyway, I am excited and hopeful for these to bring many smiles and many days of fun play!
Pray with me that they do.
I have a hopeful heart that perhaps a Forever Family will see the first glimpse of their little girl wearing one of these special hand-tailored items or that it will simply fill her heart with love wrapped up in a little girly twirl or two while she waits.

Did I mention that I'm so stinkin' excited to see the girls in their new twirls?
Ya I did didn't I.
Well, I know you are too!


Tara Anderson said...

Yay!!! Success. :) The skirts/dresses ALL look absolutely adorable! As usual, you did a great job! You know which one is my favorite, but I also LOVE the "new" skirt on the left with the polka dots. That could make for a really cute apron dress, too!

Laine said...

ADORABLE...all of them! I'm so excited!
I hope I did the chip in right!
Thanks so much for doing are giving me the 'sewing bug!' :)

Lexilooo said...

You sent those all to New Day?! How amazing are you! I hope they post lots of photos of the girls with their twirls!

I want to send some baby quilts to New Day. I haven't yet, because I am still trying to improve my skills...but, it is a goal of mine, to send some out to them!

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The family