Friday, August 5, 2011

Sowing Pink Flowers and Jade

My birthday is tomorrow and since I'm probably not going to take time to blog I thought I'd make this post today. I will be 41. 
(funny how I always thought I'd have life "figured out" by the time I was 32 ... I didn't even have kids by that age! HA! Age is so much MORE than a number.)

Glad I'm having a birthday--not so thrilled about the "number" of course ... but I guess that just means that I'd like to savor things a bit longer. Perhaps that's a testament to how blessed I am. If things were bad I'd want to fast forward instead of linger here, right?

I have been pondering things lately--trying to get an idea of what direction I'm headed--of course no answers abound in long format. But that keeps things interesting. If I knew too much where would the anticipation in that be? And I'm sure I'd find plenty to complain about with how "I" think it should really unfold. 

The less fortunate of the world continue to be on my heart--especially orphans. It just hurts to think that a child looks forward into their day without the promise of love of a family or a mom or dad or even food or safety that is guaranteed. It breaks my heart that the abundance that I take so for granted is not something that I can necessarily share in the way that I envision. 
But there are things that can be done--and most importantly that draws me closer to God and what can be more beautiful than that? He can get things done--even the seemingly most impossible. "He Has the Whole World In His Hands" was a song I used to sing and sing and sing as a child--I need to remember those words more often.

So I bought a birthday present for myself yesterday and I encourage YOU to visit this etsy site too if you haven't already. The jewelry is gorgeous and the cause is HEARTFUL!
*Sales benefit The Sparrow Fund, a nonprofit committed to encouraging and supporting families as they prepare for the adventure of adoption.*
My choice was instantaneous when I saw it ...

Sowing Pink Flowers in Kenya Wrap Bracelet 

Seed Pod Bracelet to Benefit Adoption

And as another birthday present to myself I cannot help but post about one of the sweetpeas that has crossed my blogging path lately--and there have been many, oh my! 

I have to admit that I find myself looking into their faces and asking those deep questions: "Could you be my child? Could I be your mom? Could I possibly fill part of the void that you long to fill? Could our family grow each of our hearts to make room for one more? Would I even begin to take on the challenge of seeing your pain and trying to help those wounds heal? Am I strong enough or wise enough or compassionate enough? Would the shortness to which I surely would fall still be enough?"--and they are questions that remain unanswered because they are not the easy or obvious choices and certainly not ones our society leans toward making. And certainly not ones that make for easy family discussions or happy husbands who are stressed enough with plain ol' work or tired moms who really would like 5 minutes alone to go to the bathroom solo or a trip to the mall by herself!
So we wait and think and think that really this must not be God's will for us. It must be someone else. Someone who is wiser, more patient, more faithful ... more of where we wish we were I guess.

And so with thinking we miss so much. Not that I am against thinking! I just believe that when there isn't praying along with the thinking so many opportunities for what God could have for us are missed.

So this birthday, I have a birthday wish.
But my birthday wish isn't for me ... but for her.
Because I bet it's her birthday wish as well.
For a family to call HER OWN.
This is Jade. 
And when I look into her beautiful eyes and imagine her soft cheek snuggling up against my arm for a book to be read, I cannot help but to see a GEM waiting to be discovered! She is 5 and was abandoned due to the lack of pigmentation in her skin/hair/eyes. She has a condition called Albinism. And isn't she simply beautiful!! 

So this birthday I am praying that whatever family God has in mind to set this child into, that it will happen soon.
She waits.
and soon she will be 6 (Oct.),
and then 7,
and her hope will begin to fade.
Her file states that she is "developmentally delayed," but her caregivers say, "she is bright and catching up with her peers." 
Many orphanages often lack adequate stimulation for children and they fall behind in many areas and even more so for children with SN whom may not get the most attention. Her file also states that, "she is verbal and asks questions when she is comfortable. BUT, that she is shy and timid. Maybe even stubborn." It's possible those three things worked against her when her IQ test was administered.
It is possible they did not.

It's hard to know what the truth is, but I wonder if the truth really needs to be known for her to find a family who will love her.
I remember my 6th birthday as being one of my very, very favorites. I hope her sixth birthday in a few months is for her too! Hopefully she will have a family in pursuit of her by then.

Please, spread the word about darling Jade. She deserves to be more than a diagnosis. She deserves to be a daughter, a sister. Loved. 


Lexilooo said...

What a truely lovely post! Happiest of birthdays to you, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

(also, I am 31 and my life is nowhere near figured out...I agree- 32 seems like the ages where I'd know everything, but that is just sizx months from, unlikely!)


The Raudenbush Family said...

Jade is just gorgeous. She pulls at my heart as well.

And, how appropriate that the bracelet you bought is called "Sowing Pink Flowers." I hadn't thought of it until just now -- but it fits you just perfectly. You are doing just that, friend, sowing pink flowers as you help families bring their girlies home through your efforts and your donations of your time and your beautiful sewing. :) It was meant for you!

Happy birthday!

The Sanders Family said...

Valerie, I love you. Your heart is so genuine and compassionate. You are such a caring soul. I pray the Lord would bless you and provide you with direction as you begin another year with Him. Happy birthday, my friend. And you know what else I'm praying for... :-) Jade is a sweetheart and she deserves a special home filled with God's love and wisdom. I'll be praying for that!

Donna said...

Happy Birthday, Valerie! (sorry it is belated)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Valerie, Happy Birthday to you!

I love your post! Jade is beautiful! I will pray!

The family

The family