Thursday, August 4, 2011

Storybook Pixie Knot Dress FINISHED!

Remember when I posted about a fabric that I instantly fell in love with?!?!
This was before the whole New Day Tea Party dress fest that took over our dining room table for about a week. I think it may have actually been the "fuel" to kick me into the right "sewing gear" to make the Ruffled Feathers Tea Party come together!

Well, I received a very special request for a dress and doll dress out of this fabric soon after I posted about it ... and the fabric arrived the DAY before leaving for vacation ... so it was set aside in the rush to pack.
And after the storm hit and made such a mess of things right after our return I didn't get to this for longer than I had hoped ... thankfully I had a long deadline.

BUT when I did start sewing on it ... I couldn't stop!
It actually came together amazingly quickly and turned out even cuter than I had imagined!
I found the PERFECT buttons.
(YES, I can sew on buttons if you don't like the "knot" look!)
Click on any photo to see it larger

The project was for a sweet lil' girl's 4th birthday present and for her start to preschool in the fall!

And the most exciting part was having the opportunity to work on a matching BittyBaby/Bitty Twin outfit! I've been dreaming of this for over a year dabbling in it a bit for a few give-aways, but now I think I have it down and it really turned out great.


The velcro is an easy closure for little hands in the back
And likewise on the BACK of the straps, so the knot on the front stays looking pretty.

And as icing on the cake, when I delivered the dresses last week, I came to find that the little girl's parents both attended the same small, close-knit Lutheran college, Luther College, that I did! 
(albeit, several years AFTER I graduated.)
God is so in the details.

And ... because there really is no end to the neat fabrics out there ...
I've already found a few more that I just love (sigh)

This one I have on hand and it reminds me so much of some fabric that MY mom hand-made 
a special kindergarten dress for me out of. I wonder if she still has that dress somewhere? 
I am just looking for a project for this. Let me know if you are having a hard time resisting it ;-)
(The colors are pink, purple and white on a cocoa brown background.)

And this one I'm having a hard time locating ... 
but since I really, really like it I will hunt it down!
Email me if you would like something special sewn for someone special in your life :-)

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Gretchen said...

Awwww... I love the new fabrics, and of course the baby dresses.

I am going to be ordering matching skirts for Makinley and Ashlyn soon.

Miss you!

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The family