Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful Thursday--More Ruffles

Oooooo-how could I not share these other wonderful photos from the Ruffled Feathers Tea Party! 

Krisha: Beauty in bloom!

Cora patiently waiting ...

... to twirl ...

Khloe: A China doll!

What a princess!
The key to any outfit is to accessorize! And Lucy Kate's hair bobbles match perfectly!
Yes, you are an angel!
I did not make these next two dresses ... but have waiting patiently for 9 years to see a little girl in them! (they were from my baby closet) And they wear them beautifully.

Determined not to be left out ... even if the skirt was a wee bit big :-) SO sweet!

And a little help from a friend to get it just right ...

Angela ... You are my sunshine ...

Ahhhh, Eliana snagged the dots skirt and shines with a bright smile!
Beautiful Claire

Wasn't that fun!
AND as sprinkles on top of this already special treat ...
I just found out that my birthday wish CAME TRUE!
Sweet Jade (scroll down to Aug. 5th for the photo and story) has a family of her own.
Even before her 6th birthday--it is sure to be a special year for her.
(Wow--I should have made a few birthday wishes I guess!)
What an incredible week!


Lexilooo said...

oh my gosh!!!! look at these girls, they are just precious! so, so amazing!

Laine said...

OH they are ADORABLE Valerie! Thank you!!!!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh my!!!!! I cant believe how gorgeous they are! I am sure that Tara was over the moon to see a certain someone all dressed up in a "Valerie" creation :)

Where did you get the striped leggings? Too cute and we always need more of those!

YEAH for Jade!!! God is so wonderful!! Cant wait to see her HOME!!!!!

Tara Anderson said...

Sara knows me well. :) I never get tired of these pictures!

SO happy to hear the news about Jade!!!

The Sanders Family said...

Praise the Lord Jade's forever family has been found! What a neat birthday wish come true for you :-) And you had all these girlies twirling with job with your beautiful creations!! That is so, so AWESOME!!

Gretchen said...

First of all Happy Birthday!!

Second, these are the most precious pictures! You are so amazing!!

The family

The family