Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thankful Tuesday and an Opportunity

FINALLY the severely oppressive humidity that has been lingering here in the MidWest most of the summer (I kid you not) has lifted! And as a person who likes hot weather, I gotta say, even I was sick of it! We've had the air conditioning off and our windows open for nearly 26 hours now and to hear the crickets and the locusts singing ... as well as the boys playing outside (and lets be real here ... fighting at times ... but working through that fighting without my help) is music to my ears!

But I'm bummed that the summer is almost gone.
School starts ... NEXT WEEK!!
The summer always goes too quick and the first 2 weeks of summer when we were just trying to set the schedule of being all together all day long seem like a distant memory. I'm jealous for my kids already who soon will be stolen away for most of their days by the public school system to learn and grow and reach their educational potential.

I love school and I'm so thankful that they have the opportunity to learn so much. It's just that they are growing up so fast ... and when I have them next summer they won't be THIS age any more. And that is a bummer. I'm sure next year will be fun with the perks of a 9, 7 and 4 year old ... but right now I simply want MORE of my 8, 6 and 3 year old.

But time marches on regardless of my wishes doesn't it.

As I was filling out all the school registration forms for this upcoming year (thankful that I can do most of it online before going to the actual registration where I simply write out the big check instead of doing all the paperwork there on the spot with 3 kids in tow in a hot, sticky, fly-bothering gym like my mom used to have to struggle through with the long process) I literally paused while breezing through the medical forms ...

What a blessing that I can check the NO box on all the medical issues for my boys--and to see their shots record full of dates and immunizations ... wow.
I am so thankful that their lives haven't been threatened by ALL those scary things like Polio or Measles, Mumps, Ruebella ... and that God chose to form them without any life-threatening issues.

I found myself reading about heart defects in infants the other night.
Ya, maybe not the light reading on the night of my birthday while Jeff prepared his Sunday School lesson that I normally would have chosen. And I'm not sure why I was drawn to it ... but I so much suddenly wanted to learn about PFO and ASD and VSD for once instead of just reading the letters.--I didn't understand it all of course, but to read through the process of the formation of the heart during gestation and then also how the chambers begin working at birth, closing and flowing blood for the first time is SO AMAZING! What a miracle it all is and again I am so thankful that the chambers fully closed for each of our boys (to our knowledge.) The heart is a scary subject for me as heart problems later in life tends to genetically run in our family ... and well "later-in-life" actually included my father who had his first heart attack at age 37. That seems SO young!
Because here I am at 41.

I love it when I'm called to pause and be thankful over things that I know I take for granted way too often. I am so thankful. So very, very thankful for so much.

So when I left filling out the forms yesterday and went back to the computer I noticed a wonderful opportunity to bless the medical fund at New Day one more time!
Oh man, and that's when I knew God had been walking with me and preparing my heart to see how my thankfulness could meet being His hands and feet! He had my attention and He was going to show me something in a new way.

Did you notice the new Chip-In button on the top of the sidebar?
I think this is the third Matching Funds opportunity that I've seen this summer and it is so crazy cool! An anonymous generous heart has laid out there a challenge. For EVERY DOLLAR pledged through their Chip-In button toward the New Day Medical/Surgery fund THEY WILL MATCH IT!
Up to $5000!
Which if met, would give New Day $10,000 to help children with medical needs!

Now, this is the cool part. You are not being asked to give a huge impossible amount. Even a little adds up ... and adds up quickly as it is doubled!
I know that the summer started off with a similar challenge by someone else and it was met so quickly that I totally missed the boat to give! How cool was that! But I was bummed, I wanted my little gift to be doubled.
And luckily, I caught the next giving opportunity and it happened we got to be a part of helping to heal sweet Roy's heart as well as a few other children's Special Needs too! Maybe you saw one of these earlier challenges and missed them too or maybe you were blessed by being a part of them.
And here's one more chance for you to be a part of something so much bigger!

It comes at a really good time because ND has taken in several heart babies recently to fill the places of the sweeties who have left to go home with their forever families! Some have "smaller" heart issues ... some have more "major" issues. But regardless of the severity, to know that a procedure is available to help cure or alleviate their condition it really calls to OUR hearts to reach out and help if possible.

I know that this may be a tough time to give with all the back-to-school bills ... however ... there are also a good deal of sales out there and perhaps the money you intended to spend, but saved ... could be in part pledged to make such a difference in the lives of these children who wait for their forever families. Even if it's simply $5 or 10--because, hey, that actually becomes $10 or 20!
Thanks ... and be mindful of all the overlooked blessings in your life--God uses them sometimes when you least expect it!

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