Sunday, August 28, 2011

What happens when you have several boys ...

Twenty years ago ... no ... even ten years ago ... if you would have told me that I would someday be the mom to THREE very, very, very active and sports-loving boys and no girly-girls I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have believed you.

You see, I'm an artist, a quilter, a sewer, a pianist ... I like dresses and little girl stuff, LOVE stuffed animals and dolls, should I go on? If you would have told me that in 2011 I would be spending my days separating boys from wrestling matches in the living room, shuttling boys to hockey, baseball, football ... running to see the latest toad that was caught ... hmmm ... that would have been a bit of a shock to me. But then again ... I did spend a lot of time with my brother and dad while growing up ... and I do have a long love of camouflage ... and Batman and matchbox cars that goes WAY back.
I was reminded so sweetly this week that, "God doesn't call the equipped, but equips those He calls." Yes, He was preparing me for this job as momma to this houseful of boys long, long ago ... even while I was loving the girlier things that most girls love.

But this week has been one of THOSE weeks in our household. Easton broke out in massive unexplained hives on Saturday and Sunday of last week. School started in full-force for our two oldest boys. Hockey tryouts for Brayden were Tuesday and Thursday, as well as baseball tryouts on Saturday. And right in the middle of it all ... while I was helping Brayden with his math homework at the hockey arena ... Easton decided to try hitting a "home-run" with his little brother's hockey stick. Problem was ... his little brother was right in front of him!

Thankfully, although it immediately looked super-nasty and I was super-not-happy, it was just a cut and bruise to his tender eyelid and did not hurt his sight or eyeball! Thank you God! And, now Sunday, it is almost healed (minus some really cool eye-shadow-ish shades that still are on the eyelid.) Wednesday morning (when this photo was taken) he could barely open his right eye. UG!
(Easton did feel really, really bad by the way that he had done this.)

Brayden also bent his thumb all the way backwards for the second or third time this summer while practicing for his postition in the NFL playing football with his dad, the horse had to see the horse chiropractor (I kid you not) and Jeff fell to his knees in the barn yesterday afternoon when his back gave out with a "POP" while lifting some heavy farm equipment!!
Did I forget anything in there? Oh yeah, my back hurt a bit from that earlier injury during the boating trip over the 4th of July that for some reason resurfaced out of the blue while vacuuming but really, who had time to worry about that?!

Thankfully again, the hives were nothing we can figure out and they are gone, the thumb is healing, the eyelid is looking much, much better, my back is feeling better and Jeff ... well ... the doctor said that it is a muscular injury and not skeletal ... so he should be feeling better in, um, six weeks or so. (gulp.)

But amid all the trauma and drama some really cool things have happened this week as well. And I'm just bursting at the seams to share, but don't know how much info I should share as it isn't my story to tell in full.
However, I am asking you to please lift up this little one in prayer
as well as the forever family who is pursuing her with the deepest love!! I have no doubt that it will bring God so much glory as it unfolds!!
She has unexplainably been on my heart so big this week ... sure, I was hopeful that maybe, just maybe she was our daughter?! Hmmm ... no, Jeff has not come to me with a green light on that topic ... but I'm Hopeful always. And there was something about this girl ... Hope. And through a series of clicks and prayer can you believe that I ended up unexpectedly on the site of the family who hopes like mad to be her family someday soon!!! I cannot explain enough what an answer to prayer this is because that has been one of my prayers lately--that her God-appointed forever family was being prepared for her. And when I first was looking at her hopeful forever-family's blog (that at the time I didn't know if they were even interesting in pursuing her or if they were just drawn to pray for her too,) I quietly said, "God, if I should bother this family with an email to ask more, please give me some sort of sign ... because I don't want to go where you don't want me to be."
Seriously ... it was barely off my tongue and as I scrolled down a few posts from earlier this month I saw this ...

In case you may not know ... my maiden name begins with the letter "P" and my married last name ...
is "Almquist"
What are the chances of this?!
It's not like my last name is something common like Smith or Jones.
And can God be THIS literal?! THIS immediate?! THIS hilarious?!
Well ... in case you are curious, no this is NOT their last name, neither is Almquist, but it is one of their family members' new-to-be last names through marriage and this mamma was throwing a shower for her and had this photo on her site earlier in the month--perhaps when I first began feeling this pang about Hope ...
God-incidence for sure.
God hears our every prayer and longs for us to talk with him and have a relationship with him.
I just know that he heard my heart, just as he knows this family's heart right now.
They are headed into some crucial moments right now in their adoption process and are asking for prayer--you don't need to know who they are of course (I'll check to see if I can pass that info along) because God knows them.

Please pray that the file for this little one is ready in China right now!
That this family pursuing her can get their paperwork in order quickly and can lock her file.
That their hearts would be open to God's leading if this is not their child ... but that ... HOPEfully she IS!
They are so perfectly prepared for her exact SN.
I don't know why I have been drawn to pray for Hope ... but I am so glad that God has allowed me to do so and feel included in her journey and that you will be praying for her too.


Tara Anderson said...

Never a dull moment, is there? I think you need a "girly" day at the spa or something to make up for it. :)

TanyaLea said...

I'm with Tara ~ and throw in a massage for that back of yours!! ;)

As for Hope... I am SO praying. I was praying for her and her 'potential' forever family last spring, and for some reason stopped. So I am praying for them once again!! I love these God-instances that I do not believe are simple 'coincidences'...I've seen Him work this way much to often to believe it's just chance! Praying and HOPE-ing, too!!

And as always, I love your heart, Valerie!!

Big Hugs,

The Sanders Family said...

I am praying!!! Wow, so neat to continually hear how the Lord weaves moments in our everyday lives that show us He is Here, He is working and He is ever-ready to answer. I LOVE those stories!! And Valerie...I'm sorry you had such an eventful week. I'll pray for a boring one for you and all your boys, haha. Hope everyone is on the mend!! And if you ever need a little girl time, I can send my girly girl over to share her dolls with you ;) Love you, my friend!!

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The family