Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Easton's 6th Birthday Party

Easton's sixth birthday party was in late August ... well ... I'm obviously way behind in posting!

We decided to go small with focusing on one guest, his good-good-friend Cooper, do a tour of parks in the area, have pizza and go to the motorcycle/4-wheeler races. (Jeff's choice I think!)
Unfortunately RIGHT before we went to pick up Cooper for the big night of fun, Easton broke out in unexplained hives! (That continued the next day as well, shown here in a modest oatmeal bath shot.)

Not one accustomed to medicating my children except for the occasional Tylenol need, I didn't foresee that giving him a dose of Benedryl would pretty much knock him out for the afternoon of motorcross racing! BUMMER for the birthday boy! (But what's a mom to do???)
And what boy doesn't like motorcycles?
(What mother doesn't shudder at the thought of motorcycles?)

What a bummer that he slept through nearly the whole thing and had a tummy ache! Luckily, his big brother, Brayden, stepped up and entertained his one guest quite well. They even danced in the rain midway through the races.
And they of course found some goodies for sale ... and Brayden was not shy about kicking the tires and trying it out for size. (He did attempt to get on the larger one in the background too before we screamed told him that wouldn't be a good idea and to get down NOW!
Cooper quickly followed suite with the little bike (Sorry Angie, I didn't tell you about his absolute instant love of this cycle!)
And Nolan ... dear God ... have mercy on this mama!!!
The rain did wake Easton up and cleared up his tummy ache just in time for cake: SuperHero Strawberry (can't they make Strawberry Cake white? Pink is a stretch for a boy ... but he does love himself some strawberries!)
(Nolan also in a green shirt, snuck in the side of this photo just as I clicked it, hilarious!)

 And the monster truck and Marshmallow gun presents were a HUGE hit to be sure!
Did I mention that Cooper is quite the climber? He was on the top of every piece of equipment--I'm telling ya, the VERY top! (This is a short one ... the taller ones I couldn't bare to take photos but instead wanted to spot him ... as if he needed any help.)

 AND Jeff and I found some pretty fun stuff to play on too.
 It was a fun birthday party!


Tara Anderson said...

Looks like you guys didn't let a case of the hives stop you from having tons of fun! What a bummer for the birthday boy, though! Glad he was able to enjoy the day after the Benadryl wore off. I don't use medications much either, and the first time I gave Benadryl to Chloe I realized it had the OPPOSITE effect on her...she was bouncing off the walls! At least you had a relaxed child with you on your outing. :)

Football and Fried Rice said...

Your Easton is a trooper (& a handsome one, I might add!) even with hives! Poor baby! Glad the party was a SUCCESS! HappY 6 years, Easton!

TanyaLea said...

Looks like the birthday party turned out to be a fun day, despite poor Easton's hives... not fun!

Your boys are all so handsome... all FOUR of them!! ;) And that little Nolan ~ not so little anymore!! ...he sure is growing up.

Happy 6th Birthday, Nolan!

The Sanders Family said...

OH yeah!! So fun to see these photos :) haha...made me chuckle. One of my biggest fears is my boys growing up and driving motorcycles and of course they've always been drawn to them, so this comes as no surprise ;) Again, bummer about Easton being 'knocked out' for most of the festivities, but so glad that Cooper could help celebrate regardless!

The Sanders Family said...

Oh, and you're so right...Cooper is a climber. Actually, all my kids are. What's up with my monkeys?? Strange.

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