Friday, September 16, 2011


About 2 or 3 weeks ago after mowing our lawn in the humid heat of August, I took a walk down the lane to check the mail and to cool off. (Hard to believe it was that hot not that long ago as I sit here in jeans and long sleeves and I still have goosebumps!)
I'm always hopeful for a piece of something personalized in my mailbox ... as in handwritten ... but let's be real, the chances of that now days with email and texting ... is very rare.
But that day, I did see a tiny little envelope with a little red ladybug in the corner ... and it was addressed to me! Joyfully, I opened it on the spot and found not only a little sweet note, but a gift card for Starbucks just for little ol' me! ... a Starbucks Newbie.
Oh my goodness. Talk about make me cry. Right there in the middle of my gravel road, next to the mailbox! She just felt like gifting me a big hug of encouragement ... and wow ... it just really made my day!

Well, today I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to meet that "bloggy friend" and make her a real face-to-face-I've-really-met-them-in-real-person-friend!
Sara and her sweet daughter, Mya, joined my youngest, Nolan, and myself for some chit-chatting over some coffee, cocoa, trains and play yard time for a few hours.
I first ran across Sara when she and her family were still living in Colorado. I was blog surfing ... it was just about the time I had come across New Day and as "luck" would have it, Sara and her husband had recently returned from ND with their sweet daughter! I was somewhat confused as to why a family in Colorado was so enamored with the Iowa Hawkeyes ... and all things Iowa like a license plate they saw in a restaurant.  (?????) Come to find out, they are from around these parts! And although they returned a while back, I've never had the opportunity to meet up with her until now.
 (This photo was taken by dear Mya--I love the perspective from the lower perspective of a 5 year old!)

As you can tell, Nolan was quite comfortable around them in no time! The hot chocolate and the suggestion of trains was a great way to start off the day for him that is for sure!
 And the best part of the meeting, besides meeting such a great gal and her little girl, and talking about adoption and mutual blog friends and faith and caring for orphans, is that I had the opportunity to make a very special outfit for her newest little girl, Ruby, that they will be traveling for very soon, and hand delivering it to her!!!  SaWeEt!
I will hold off posting any photos as I don't want to spoil the surprise, 'cuz it did turn out pretty cute I will admit! (OR you can go to Sarah's site and sneak a peek at Miss Mya modeling it HERE.) I can't wait to see Miss Ruby is IN it!
I do have to share a little something I made to go along with the outfit ... I mean, the key to any outfit IS to accessorize, right?!

And it is just perfect for this little doll I found too ...
however ... I think Ruby may be finding other things to put in her purse, as Mya instantly adopted that little doll as her own! :-)
It was a real and very good day!


Girly Girl Mommy said...

So happy to read that you had such a good day and I'm insanely jealous that you got to meet Sara and Mya for real! No way I'll be in Iowa- any chance you'll ever make a VA/Washington DC trip so I can give you an in person hug?
That purse is TDF- can't wait to see your outfit on Ruby, but I'm sure we'll all need warning as the cuteness will be out of control!

Lexilooo said...

oh how nice, and so fun that you got to meet! how far apart are you about?

Tara Anderson said...

Oh how fun!!! You know I'm TOTALLY jealous that I wasn't there hanging out with you, but I'm SO glad that the two of you had a chance to meet up in real life!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Such a blessing. God is good - orchestrating it so our lives could cross. I am beyond lucky and wildly, crazily blessed. Thank you.

On a side note: I look like a greasy, fat hog :) What happened to cropping that bad boy?! lol. You will note that when I post, I will look nothing short of edited :)

Love you!

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