Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Warmest Quilt

The temperatures this morning were very chilly as Canadian air funnels down from the North into the MidWest! What a change from the low 90's of yesterday! I guess Autumn is truly here!

When I checked my email this morning I was so saddened to see one entitled "In Memory" ... from ND ... oh the heartbreak to know that when I opened it up there would be a little one who would not be received into the arms of their forever family here on Earth--but received into their FATHER'S arms in heaven. And it was not the little one who I was "preparing" my heart to hear the news about, the one who has been so sick and on everyone's mind. It was a little one with a complicated heart issue, but who quietly smiled and seemed to do so well ... at least to me, the non-medical person viewing just photos ... one who shared her birthday with my father ... who also died of a heart issue after a full and much longer life. Both lives surely made a deep impact on so many and as her Memory Card reminds us, it is not the duration of a life lived ... but the donation.

Live Deeply Today!

Which brings me to something so dear that I came across yesterday. I figured in my attempt to SURRENDER (reference the last post) I should quietly tend to the things of my heart and maybe not share them so personally blog-wise, especially when it comes to adoption and orphans.

But then I was reminded that would not be what God would want.
A God with Ultimate and Awesome Power ... wants our participation ... for His Glory.

So I share ... in the hopes that you will share and on and on and on ...
I only learned of it because someone shared it with me:

There is a fundraiser going on to raise money for a little heart baby currently at MorningStar ... and the quilt is SO beautiful I just had to share so you don't miss out on your chance to snuggle with it! You can read more of the details AND bid on the quilt HERE!

It is made in the most snuggly shades of rose, mint and brown.
And I just KNOW that it's meant for YOU!
Beautiful, eh?

And it's even more special because of the cause of course. And because of details like this:
The Chinese Character for LOVE.

And this:

Boy or Girl, this would be a MOST beautiful quilt for an expectant mom or an adopting mom or a new one home, even if a bit older! Who doesn't need a lovey-blankie? And quite honestly? I don't think you'd even need to have a baby or a small child to adore this quilt! You could hang it beautifully on a wall or as an accent on a bed ... or as a lap quilt to snuggle with yourself.

This and the cooler temperatures outside remind me of another quilt that I need to get working on! Oh my!! (Samuel, it's coming, slow but sure!)

If you'd like to bid on the pink/mint/brown quilt, the proceeds will be going to help defray the medical costs for "Michael" at MorningStar in China who is persevering his heart challenges, please leave a comment at:

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