Monday, October 10, 2011

4 Boys and a Hunting Blind

October 1st was the opening day of hunting ...
And out came the "toys"
And believe me ... this was the "Still" shot of the boys this weekend in all their excitement with the NEW hunting blind.
Here is the next month or so of our weekends ... tree stands, hunting blinds, camouflage, and lots and lots of excitement for the boys. Or ... at least for some of them.
Brayden, being 8, got to go hunting this year with his dad much to the other boys' sadness of having to stay home with me :-(      Oh such torture one would think.
(Not sure how this will pan out as Brayden kept getting a case of the giggles every time Jeff would see a deer.)

Here is the reality of being the mom to all boys ... oh my ... God give me strength.


Girly Girl Mommy said...

Better you than me! That is about as foreign to me as Mars! Is Jeff the type to bring his kills home to eat? My college roommate my freshman year often had her dad bring her venison he had killed. She offered it to me over and over but I could never bring myself to try it.

Football and Fried Rice said...

Well, its a far cry from the sweet ruffle pants & dresses you posetd the other day - but its still pretty sweet!!!!

WilxFamily said...

Wow...the boys are getting SO BIG!

Such a contrast....Ruffled Feathers and the men of the house. :)

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