Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fire Truck Day!

I still remember Fire Truck Day from my Kdg. days ... so I have to believe that for a boy it is even a bigger milestone! This year we were invited by Easton's teacher to join them for this special field-trip of sorts. While Nolan and I weren't allowed to actually ride the truck, we were able to take a few photos and take in the big-ness of it all!
The truck arrives:

 Miss Blattler's class marching out to see the truck:
 Easton's friend Cael ascends the ladder:
 Easton's turn:
 With the entire class on top they are ready to take a cruise around town!
(Thank goodness for Small-town-USA ... try this in Dallas. Just isn't gonna happen is it?!)
But ... what they didn't tell them was that it was a one-way-trip! They had to walk the 4 or so blocks back to the school on foot, albeit with shiny plastic fire hats in hand.
Luckily they made it back just in time for recess. 
Nolan WAS allowed to stay and play with the big 5-6 year olds which I was so thankful for since he waited so patiently while I took photos of the fire truck and Easton and didn't even fuss when he didn't get to go too. 
And ... just like the terrific brother he is, Easton gave his red plastic fire hat to Nolan right there on the spot since he didn't get one. Now I think that is pretty special! 
It turned out to be a pretty fun trip for everyone.


Tara Anderson said...

Such fun!!! There are definitely perks to small town life! Of couse, the shopping options are limited. :)

The Sanders Family said...

Awww, I LOVE that Easton gave Nolan his hat. What a sweetie, and such a great big brother indeed! SO fun!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

That's so cool!!
The fire truck came to my preschool and each kid got a 15 second opportunity to sit in a seat for picture. How awesome is it to climb up and then get a ride to boot!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

THAT is awesome!! Even our town isn't that small :( my kids would have loved this!

And what a sweet kid you have!

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