Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's beginning to look like another year ... of hockey

Earlier this Fall, Brayden had tryouts for another year of travel hockey.
How happy and surprised we all were when he made not just the Mite team ... but the Squirt team! (That's for the next age level up for 9+ year olds!) 
They are not the "Cedar Rapids Stallions" by the way ... it was just the jerseys they had them wear for try-outs so everyone would look the same and would be numbered with specific numbers for tracking and ranking purposes. They are the Jr. Rough Riders, just to clarify.

We are looking forward to another year at the hockey arena. (minus the commuting and meals in the car.)

AND I'm super happy to know that Easton has expressed a renewed interest in spending more time on the ice too and giving it another shot. Whew! With a crew of boys with deep Minnesota roots ... hockey is just going to be an ever-present thing for our family ... and really ... with Jeff and my first date being at the Waterloo Ice Arena ... well ... it's kinda in the genes.

This past weekend Easton asked his friend Cael to join him to go skating. They had a BALL! Cael caught on in NO time flat and would be very good at the sport I think. He and I went out onto the ice even after Easton got distracted by a Spy Kids movie that I had brought along, ya know ... in case the ice skating ended up to be a big bummer. Well, Cael reluctantly left the ice ONLY after the zamboni time had come. He even wanted to take home his rented skates! Ha! We topped off the night watching the end of the BIG Rough Rider's Game. And they won 5-1. So it was exciting! (And also Cael's first hockey game experience.)
 Down but still smiling!
 *And just so you don't think I sent Easton out there without a helmet ... it just isn't photo-friendly.

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