Monday, October 3, 2011

My Boys--First Day of School 2011

I am playing catch up on a few important milestones ... like the boys' first day of school. 
I actually HAD written a post for this last month ... but held off publishing it because 1.) It's a real pain to get photos off my camera and 2.) I was hoping that some of my "worries" would work themselves out in a short time. And ya know what ... they did! :-)
Here's what I wrote on August 22nd:
"Today was the first day of school for Easton!
Brayden started last Thursday and Friday with early out days scheduled for both days ... so I thought I'd just wait to post them together when they both had their first FULL days today.

Unfortunately, Easton was NOT in the mood for photos this morning and even asked, "Do you have to take photos?!"
ARG! It's a tradition for goodness sake. Is it that hard to follow some slight direction and smile? (Sorry to my dear friend Angie. I did threaten him with a full photo shoot by calling you over with your big serious camera--HA!) I'm sure if it were anyone else taking the photos he'd be FINE, just not Mom.

It is a bit of a bummer for Easton this year. He JUST turned six last Monday. We live in a super small town that does not have an early Kdg/alternative Kdg program for summer birthday kids. In fact, even with Brayden, who was born in May, we were on the fence on if he should start school at age 5 or 6. Jeff voted to hold him ... I voted to send him, feeling he was WAY ready and knowing that splitting up a good friendship with his best bud Gabe might crush him ... and we asked the teacher her opinion and ended up sending him ... with the understanding that we would hold Easton when his day came years down the road since his birthday was very late in the summer. Well ... the day has come and we have all had the understanding through 4 yr. old Preschool and last year's Kdg. that this would be the way it would roll with a second year of Kdg this year.

UG! so much easier in theory! Easton, to say the least, is bummed.

I am praying SO hard that God will send some Godly friends to make this decision sit right with him.
Of course he did very well in the academic portion of Kdg. last year ... he has good friends in his class ...  but we still feel very strongly that we'd rather have him not be the youngest person in his class always feeling pushed and also allowing him to grow in his confidence a bit. As a second born in the shadow of a VERY dominant brother ... confidence is so important to have!
But it is so much easier to be swayed by the pressured of the world though at this point! It'd be so easy to just send him into First Grade. But deep down ... deep deep down beyond E's sad eyes and the want to make everything all better for him ... we are sure we don't want him to head off to college at age 17 like I did. And for some unspeakable reason Jeff and I KNOW that this will be good for him down the road. I guess because we're his parents and we feel that we know him well. But it is hard ... hoping that we are right and that things will shake down well in the near future."

That was a little over a month ago.
And I am so happy to report that this year when Easton comes home from Kindergarten it is with a smile and confidence ... which was NOT the case last year. He gets such wonderful reports from his teacher who says he's a leader in his class and is good at helping others. And this morning on the walk to the bus can you guess what he asked? 
"Mom, do you know what an Ornithologist studies?"
--I kid you not! Ya, and he not only knew how to pronounce that big word ... he knew the answer.
Now ... yes, I am proud that he happens to remember from LAST year's kdg. classes that word AND what it means ... but I'm even more happy that he is full of ambition and pride in himself and confidence and wants to share his love of knowledge.

Parenting has it's moments and challenges that is for sure. And I sure wouldn't want to go it alone! Thank you God for the reassuring guidance to know what is best for our boys!

Nolan RUNNING to greet the boys coming  home from their first day of school together. Do ya think Nolan missed them a tad?


The Sanders Family said...

Awww, I knew he'd be just fine! These big decisions can be so agonizing, but somehow the Lord always leads us through. Thank goodness!!! And I LOVE that you threatened Easton with my big camera ;)

Tara Anderson said...

It's so hard making those life choices for your children...but it sounds like God has guided you well! Glad to hear that the year is off to a good start!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I am so glad that you wrote this dowm so you can remember what Easton has already overcame this year!! Cool!

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