Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Renee's Busy Day Dress

When I was little I remember having some pretty sweet clothes sewn by my mom. 
Not that she sewed ALL my clothes ... but the ones she did, well, I still remember them 35+ years later and that is a testament to how special they were to me then and now.
So when I come across fabric that speaks to my reminiscing heart with it's polka-dot-mushrooms and silly birds and fruit ... 
well, it simply has to be mine even if I don't really know what I'll make out of it.

That was the case for this "Busy Day" fabric that I came across LAST fall. 
It's a happy shade of eggplant with a day-full of FUN sprinkled all over it!
I'm not even sure what part spoke to me ... but it sure did! It wasn't until I was sorting the boys' artwork from a basket that is overflowing in the guest bedroom that I noticed out of the corner of my eye a scrap of fabric that my Grandma Esther had sewn into a baby-wrap she had made for one of my dolls. Being a survivor of the Great Depression, my grandma was impressive in the way she repurposed so many things and she always requested any scraps of fabric my mom might have from the things she made to then make the most impressive "Crazy Quilts" much like this baby-doll-wrap with feather stitching and all.
See the fabric square with the little polka dot mushroom and the little girl? It is a remnant from an outfit for either my sister or myself (but most likely both of us at some point.)
This is the second fabric I've chosen head-over-heels for this year with polka dot mushrooms.
Funny how the little details of life are quietly woven into our subconscious.

So, this is what I've sewn up with the first bit of the fabric... and pending a certain weeklong Chinese holiday that probably has slowed the mail down ... I'm hoping that it makes a certain little girl from the East very happy in her busy day when it finally arrives.  :-)

The family

The family