Friday, October 21, 2011

School Photo Day and NEW Sweeties Photos

Wednesday was "School Picture Day" at our school--oh my. I still remember the angst of wanting to make each year's school photo be a good one ... funny thing is ... from fourth grade through my Sophomore year in High School they were REALLY bad.
scary bad.
like I'm almost tempted to post an example here  ... but I'm just not.
I guess I "bloomed late."

Anyway ... we're now in the digital age and even though things are a bit less tense getting that ONE yearly photo taken since we have quite a few casual photos taken throughout the year, I still want the boys to have a good hair cut and a nice shirt to represent their year in our memories and on our wall.

Well ... balancing that with trying to let them make some decisions and dealing with the outcomes is a trick. I'm learning which battles to pick, or at least when to pick them ... photo day this year was not a mountain I wanted to die on it turns out. Been there, done that ... didn't really matter in the end in retrospect. And I think that kinda surprised them and they did pretty well making some decisions. The boys both wore nice shirts ... but they were both black. Hmmm ... as if people don't often ask enough how close in age they are (alluding to that maybe they are twins?) and considering I wasn't going to shell out the extra $4-5 bucks for a "colored" background I'm not sure how the black will look against the dark gray that comes "free" in the exorbitant cost of the photos. Maybe it will look super trendy like I planned it? 
Also ... Brayden absolutely insisted that he didn't want his hair cut. Oh my goodness ... he is not one that looks good with shaggy long hair! It is SOooooo thick. And it was SO long over his ears. ACK! Well ... I took Jeff's lead in trying not to make it into a mountain. We've learned that sometimes if we don't make it a big deal, suddenly he won't either and he's more likely to agree with us instead of resist us. Sure enough, AS SOON AS he came home from photo day ... he asked for a haircut.
I could have strangled him but instead said through smiling, yet quietly gritted teeth, "REALLY?!"--knowing that hey, photo or not, seeing his ears again would be good. Well, this, that, the other ... his hair didn't get cut that night. And last night when I sat him down he had suddenly changed his mind again and DIDN'T want it cut around his ears, only in the back. Hmmm ... like a reverse mullet? I'm not sure, Jeff suggested a reverse mohawk, ACK!
So ... with an extreme pouting 8-year old, I tried my best to get the best of both worlds. I only cut from the ears back and not that much (an 8 on our trimmer guard, which I think is the highest number.) And then much to his grief I cut around his ears and a clean line at the side burn. Oh my goodness. I am not a barber ... but by the time my kids are grown I might be. I can't say that I am in love with the cut the way I normally am after shearing trimming him. But it's better seeing his ears though. And Easton had a super haircut the other day ... and Nolan did pretty well sitting for his (although it's a bit crooked for some colicky reason.) So all in all, I'm happy.

But for lack of photos quite yet of MY boys ... I'm going to show off photos of my OTHER kids.
(BIG wink here)
I feel like a Grandma of sorts, HA!
Maybe I posted about them in the past ... I call them "my kids" even though they aren't really mine in a real sense (bummer I know ... but I'm sure adding SIX to our humble fold would surely turn me into the old lady who lived in a shoe quite quickly.)

The children are a group of 6 orphaned children for whom I am deeply, deeply blessed to be a part of a team editing their monthly Sponsorship Updates (basically refining grammar and sentence structure from the translations into English.)
I tell ya ... I certainly have some of the most adorable Updates Kids around if I do say so myself! It's simply amazing how some of those who are so deeply placed on my heart when they first come to ND end up on my list. Only God is all I can say!

Over the summer months God has placed THREE of my previous list children into adoptive- forever-families ... I miss them already, but what a joy to know that they are finally home. And now I have the joy of 3 new little ones (2 boys and a girl) to add to my other 3 beauties.
And I have to say they are some of my FAVORITES ... I am just beyond smitten with all of them. Maybe being an old lady in a shoe wouldn't be so bad?

So here they are. My new sweeties--Asa. Rebecca. Jonathon, Rosie, Mary and Renee:
If you would like to support these or other children from New Day, you can sign up to be a child sponsor for a well invested $35/month. You will receive a monthly update written by their foster family or their nanny, along with a new monthly photo. You can also follow along with ND on their blog to grow along with all that is happening at the Foster Home. It can be a beautiful family gift that can be shared by everyone, posting the child's photo on your fridge, praying for them and that their perspective families will be called to find them, celebrating when they do! You can even send the children gifts like toys, clothing or candy--which can really speak to a child's heart (both your child's AND the sponsored child) about how far God's love can reach. It is boundless. And who knows exactly how far God will grow YOUR heart in the journey.
If you would like more information you can find it HERE.
Oh yes, and if you email me that you are sponsoring a ND child I will be happy to supply  you with a sidebar button of your child like this:


Football and Fried Rice said...

I want to buy a trundle for Mya's bed so Renee can move in :)

I'm just sayin'.

Girly Girl Mommy said...

I had to pick my battles too on picture day a few weeks ago. Piper picked a grey sweater over a white shirt (at least our free background is blue) and refused the matching headband I made. Teagan wanted a headband, but picked out one that did not match her top at all. Ugh!

Love the collage of your sweeties! You are so right when you said that sponsorship grows the sponsors heart. We are forever changed for having loved on little ones from afar!

And thanks for your comment and prayers today :)

The Sanders Family said...

Sorry picture day is so stressful! Just be mean like me and give limited options. I gave Gabe and Cooper two clothing choices so they could feel a little sense of power in picture day, but that's about as far as I'm willing to go, hehe. I am a fashion nazi, I admit it! Thankfully, none of the kids seem to have much protest in my choices thus far. I'm sure it's coming. And same with the hair cuts...can't stand long hair, so out the clippers come. Gabe was looking like a hoodlum because I just didn't have time to cut his hair, and it sooo doesn't look good long either. Stick straight with absolutely no body, just like dad. I just love preppy, clean-cut boys!!

And oh my goodness, those sweet little New Day faces are melting my heart. I'm thinking our house is big enough for, well, all of them?!? ;)

TanyaLea said...

Oh, you lucky girl you!! I didn't know you had 'Rebecca' on your list! Our mutual 'favorite' girlie girl baby!! So sweet!

Picture day, picture day... oh the joy!!

A very pretty skirt arrived over the weekend while I was away, and Khloe was VERY excited to see it. She wanted to put it on over her MN Vikings cheerleader outfit she was sporting today. oh those darn Vikings... they just keep turning it over, every time they look like they might have the edge... GRRRR! ;) (not that I really care, anyway... but my boys do! ~ and Khloe copies them, and pretends she cares, too. LOL!!)

Have a great week!


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