Sunday, October 30, 2011

Something About a Doll

Growing up I loved stuffed animals and dolls. (still do.)
And although I had many "favorites" through the years, I gotta say there are 3 dolls that stand out as my all-time-best-est-buds. First there was one of my first fav doll... Raggedy Ann. I remember looking at her little "I LOVE YOU" heart printed on her chest during my nap-times--of course I couldn't read it, but was told many times what it said ... as well as trying to tie that blazing neck ribbon and getting oh-so-flustered! (The ribbon still shows that frustration in how it is permanently wound and twirled so tightly from trial after trial of my tying attempts years ago.)
Wow ... I must have been not more than 4 years old. Crazy to think that I can remember that so well ... and yet forget to get things on my grocery list that I ran out of just this morning!

But aside from Raggedy Ann, who is most certainly the best rag-doll ever made, my favorite doll was one that I received from my parents for Christmas when I was probably 5. Her name was "Baby Bottoms."(I think she was named this because her legs curved like a real baby's would if you had her cradled in your arms and they perfectly curved over them with her little bottom tucked in for perfect holding.) She was a real baby-doll. One that I picked out of a big toy-wish-book months before the snow even started falling. She was quite the talk at the supper table long before that Christmas. I think the toy magazine was even at the hair salon where I had my hair cut for Kdg ... that memory is a wee bit vague ... but I trust it--so that would have been in August of that year.

She had a plastic head with beautiful blond curly hair and blue eyes that opened and closed when she laid down and was picked up, soft plastic arms and legs that looked so real to me, her little legs curving like a real baby's ... not stick straight like most dolls. And she was SOFT in the middle, perfect for hugging. Oh and the BEST part? When she was tipped over she would say, "Mama."--Oh make me teary!

Her "Mama" voice wore out years ago, her curls are crazy-wild, her soft-stuffin' parts are stained with age and so very fragile from lots of lovin' I suppose. But I still have her up on the shelf in my closet. Oh yes, and I had named her "Beth."--which is quite funny because there was another baby doll that was my sister's that I took under my wing so to speak as my sister was not the doll-playing sorta gal. (Go figure! I guess I got all of those genes.) Her doll had brown hair with red tints and the most beautiful green eyes. I named her "Elizabeth." It never dawned on me that maybe those two names were ... hmmm ... kinda the same? LOL
However if the Velveteen Rabbit book is true? Beth and Elizabeth are most certainly "REAL!" (If you don't know that book, I don't suppose you get that "REAL" part. Read the book it's really good.)

I can still remember that "new baby-doll-plastic-head" smell that she had. Love it! Even though I haven't smelled that for years (goodness knows we don't have any new dolls venturing around these parts with three boys running wild--well, except for MINE, but they aren't new and sniffy.)

So it shouldn't surprise me that when ND organized a child-sponsorship program once again this Christmas for their children I did not take long to check it out and sign up! And ... this year like last I am sponsoring in the PINK zone! Wooo-Whoooo!
And this year I am blessed to have TWO sweeties on my Christmas list! What balm for my soul!

I have spent the better part of many evenings this week while Jeff has been duck hunting in Northern North Dakota, surfing for the quintessential perfect doll for each of them late into the wee morning hours. (And of course having the same parameters as the doll that was my fav years ago, soft and huggable and life-like REALness.)

Not to mention browsing those forbidden pink aisles in the toy and clothing sections already once this week. Ahhh, to find exactly the perfect thing ... and considering so many ...

It does take time ... changing my mind a hundred different times and back again. I might have to admit that I could be milking this for all it's worth! Ya think?

Sweet Bliss anyway! 

If you follow the ND blog you might noticed that Eliana always seems to be beaming! What a joyful soul she seems to be in the photos I see.

There is something else about Eliana that I only recently realized. She is exactly one day older than my youngest son Nolan.

One. DAY.

Her momma and I were in labor at nearly the same time, having carried our babies for the very same months. Having hopes and dreams for them and for ourselves. Half way around the world from one another. There is something surreal about that even though I realize that there are babies born every second of every day and that China is about 13 hours ahead of us (so maybe you could argue that they are two days apart? But let's not split hairs.)

There is something unquestionably special about the day your child enters the world. And to think that another woman shared that experience so close to the very same hours and yet had a very different experience at what should have been a beautiful time for them ... wow ...

and yet this child SMILES so cheerfully! She is most certainly loved ... even as she waits for her forever family to find her.

That is such a good thing that she beams ... and yet I just cry on the inside for someone to hurry up! ... thinking of how she needs a momma NOW! ... because I look at my Nolan and I just soak him up as my child. He is at the sweetest age right now. Trusting and yet curious and yearning to be independent at times ... and dependent at others.

... We were running late to story hour the other day I said we needed to "sneak in so we didn't disturb what they already had going on." And Nolan preceded to tip-toe running down the sidewalk ... saying "tip-toe, tip-toe, tip-toe," the entire way!

... He is always right there with a hug and kiss for me.

... He has his favorites like his toady-frog and Thomas Rescue Firetruck ... and he'll share them just with me sometimes!

... He has his special piece of fabric that he snuck outta my fabric stash and claimed as his own

... and his favorite dress up Power Ranger outfit.

... Not to mention the crazy "open-closing clasp thingy" that he found somewhere in his travels and keeps as a valuable treasure ... along with his little peach bead which I have no clue where he picked up and yet he guards it like gold.

... He requests everything to be "Disney's Cars" ... as if they make thins like a "Cars-Bible" (seriously he asked for that last week and just won't believe me that they don't have one.)

I want Eliana's family to have these days of her being THIS age.

Because as we moms all know, they are fleeting.

Soon the suggestion on what to wear will be met with an eye roll and a, "Seriously, Mom?" response instead of the eager attitude to please.

Soon it won't be cool to hang out with mom all day making chocolate chip cookies just so they can sneak a chocolate chip or two.

Soon they won't take so kindly to hugs in public or too many questions about how their day was.
And these days of hers now are no less sweet than Nolan's ...

And God willing soon ... there will be an * by her name as well as by Melissa's ... and in the meanwhile ... I'm most deeply blessed to stand in the gap, pray for them ... and shower them with the pink delights of my heart!

If you would like to sponsor a ND child for Christmas, check it out HERE.


Lexilooo said...

this is such a beautiful post! I am off to look at the New Day post for Christmas sponsorship, as I haven't seen it yet!

also, the velveteen rabbit is one of my all-time favorites!

The Sanders Family said...

I was just assigned Jayden tonight! (I had emailed and said I would take whichever child they wanted to give me!) So excited to take the kids and teach them about giving again this Christmas. They look forward to it every year.

p.s. I LOVE velveteen rabbit too. And I was SOO a doll and stuffed animal girl as well! :)

TanyaLea said...

I want to see photos of your baby doll! I'm a doll girl, too, Valerie ...still am! One of my favorite things to shop for with Khloe.

I cannot remember the name of my favorite doll anymore. Wish I had kept her. The only thing I have from that age is my first teddy bear...and he is VERY tattered. Oh, and my 'fake' cabbage patch kid that my mom bought at the craft fair, because the authentic CBK's were all sold out from the Wish Book and the stores that year. I will never forget when they came out and were all the rage! But that first doll that I loved when I was around 5 or so, drank her bottle and then wet her diaper and had a runny nose. Seriously, if you squeezed the right part of her body, her nose ran. LOL!

Anyway, back to girlie stuff ~ so glad you get to shop in the PINK dept for those precious princesses. I am buying for both Rebecca and Serena. Rebecca, because I fell in complete love with her the day she arrived. And Serena, because she arrived when we were there to bring Khloe home. I'm excited to shop for them both. I told Hannah to pick, and it worked out perfectly, as they were both still available. She has since taken the 'sponsored' tags off the photos, as she said everyone was sponsored at least once, so the more the merrier. This saves one person from having to send so many gifts to each child and pay that spendy shipping to China, as we both know the size of those boxes DOES matter when shipping that far away. But who can resist, and for such a great cause!?! We are all so blessed to get to shop for those precious kiddos. Can't wait to see photos of them at Christmas!

Happy Sunday!


P.S.>> I did a little 'photo shoot' with Khloe earlier today, and have some REALLY cute pics of her in a very SPECIAL twirl skirt... and we even made a little 'movie'! Stay tuned... it will be up on the blog yet this week! :)

Football and Fried Rice said...

Where is that doll at!?! Love her!

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