Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is how it begins--The Quilt Project

**UPDATE: If you did not have an opportunity to send me a fabric square and wish for Samuel who is from New Day who joined his forever family in March of this Spring, you STILL CAN! But I'm gonna ask you to hurry. Please leave me a comment or email me ASAP so I know to plan a space for it and so I can get you my address. THANKS! I would always welcome more squares and wishes for this sweet boy whom I'm sure you all have covered with prayers.--Thanks!

Last Spring I got a crazy notion. I really wanted to sew a Bai Jia Bei Quilt for a certain little boy who was being united with his Forever Family. He had made a big impact on my heart and it seemed like something that would help bring together the different chapters in his life as he entered a new one with his family. I tossed the idea around a bit and finally acted on it asking his mom if she would be interested.
She was. And so it began. 
Well, that was ... mmmm ... don't count the months please ... but I've now confirmed that summer is NOT the best time for me to sew. However, things have finally gotten underway in a very serious way around here and I thought I'd give a little update glimpse of where things stand.
It has been SO neat to see the packages and envelopes arrive from as far away as China and England! It confirms how beautiful God's love is and also what  a strong network of prayer can be formed across the globe.
The envelopes of wishes
The pile of fabrics ready for their pre-wash.
Some close-up shots.
Aren't they gorgeous?!
And even some special notes from Samuel's nanny and other care-takers.
I hope to make great progress in the next week or so as it's already been far long enough in the making. Stay tuned for the final photos hopefully coming soon!


Lexilooo said...

oh my goodness, I love this! can I send you some fabric too??

WilxFamily said...

I can't WAIT to see your finished work of art...but, not as much as seeing Samuel snuggling up in it.

I love how you use your talents to give back to the Lord!

The Sanders Family said...

Oh, I just love your kind heart. What a blessing you are!

Learning Together at Home said...

Valerie - do you know I have looked at this post 4 times so far and haven't yet comment until now? Can you guess why? Oh, it was simply because every single time I looked at it I was reduced to big tears and had to walk away to gather myslef together again. This is beyond amazing. I know my little guy will love the blanket now, but more so, I know it will increse in value as he hears his story again and again. Big {hug} to you, friend.

Jessica said...

Did not come across your blog until now. Is it too late? Would love to send something for my little buddy!

Donna said...

Valerie, you are such a sweet, sweet kind hearted soul! You are so thoughtful, I just love you!

Can't wait to see Samuel's and his Mom's faces light up when they sees it!

So very sweet!

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