Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Tricks

Halloween 2011
Halloween fell this year on a hockey practice night ... practice that begins at the beginning of regular trick-or-treat time and ends at about the end of it.
This was going to take a bit of trick to get the treats!
But ... as a resourceful mom ... I tried my best to solve the problem of my boys' "need" for candy while begging in costume, colliding with our responsibility of attending a set practice that we've committed to.
And quite honestly, with Brayden edging ever closer to being "too big" for this kind of thing ... I don't want to miss these childhood memories!

So, we drove a bit early into the BIG town where hockey practice occurs ... in costume,
And were the FIRST trick-or-treaters out! 
I've NEVER trick-or-treated in the daylight! It felt kinda weird ...

BUT, people had started getting their candy and drive-way barbeque fires out (even if most of them were JUST getting home for work (wince!)) and were more than happy to give Brayden some grief about his Vikings outfit (haha!) (It's a midwest thing I think, either hate them or love them, and since we don't have a professional team here in Iowa folks are a bit split between Green Bay, the Vikings and the Bears ... I'm just going with the Vikings since Jeff is from MN and they have that cool purple color. And as for the driveway barbeque fires? How cool? Never have seen that in our little town. It was pretty cool to see house after house having a little campfire on their driveway in their patio fireplaces!

I do want to mention that I did a pretty nice job giving Brayden black football-lines on his face and Easton a nice "black-eye" all thanks to my eye-shadow. I have no idea where the actual Halloween makeup went ... not to mention Nolan's Red-Power-Ranger mask. Oh well ... he was just as happy without it (thankfully!)
Brayden (Viking football player)
Easton (RoughRider hockey player)
Nolan (Red Power Ranger)

And the 36 kids who should have been at hockey practice?
... only 7 showed up!
Talk about some sweet ice time for Brayden and the other 6 kids. Oh yes ... and on the way home the two bigger boys and I stopped at a few houses in the dark just to make it feel like real Halloween. All were happy ... and I even got a few Almond Joy bars from the boys (yay! they don't like them--what a bonus!)

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Football and Fried Rice said...

Good for you to teach your guys about commitment! I think the almond joys were your bonus for being such a good mommy :)

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