Monday, November 14, 2011

Khloe Sweetness and New Peasant Dress: Ruffled Feathers Company

Did you all see the post on the SaWeEeT Ruffled Feathers twirl that Khloe's mom won for her? If not, you should check it out HERE. Tanya is such a dear friend ... and she is WAY generous in her comments of me, oh my goodness ... but her daughter is SO cute, you really must see all her modeling session for full effect. (and the post after this one for the out-takes! HA!)
If you are interested in this skirt design I certainly have more fabric ... and also lots of fabric in other patterns and colors just giddy to become a skirt or dress for your little one at Ruffled Feathers Company! Just leave me a comment or an email at   almquist  at   fmtcs  dot com  (replace the at and the dot with the symbols.)

I've also been working on a new style that goes super well with Ruffle Pants.  A special Thank-You goes to my sweet friend, Angie, who asked about a month ago if I could do something along these lines for her daughter Chloe for Christmas (funny how I have all these dear friends with daughters named "Chloe/Khloe"!)  I'm still working on the coordinating Ruffle Pants so I can't reveal it just yet, BUT I made another version for my sponsor ND Christmas Child Melissa that I can show you.

When I asked to be one of Melissa's Christmas sponsors, the coordinator was more than happy to link us up. Apparently her Chinese Foster Mom doesn't dress her too much like a girl much of the time and could really use some Pink/Purple/Girlyness!!!
Oh can I help there!
Here is a sneak peek at the Peasant Dress. ENJOY!:

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The Sanders Family said...

I love that you're thanking me for asking you to make an outfit for my daughter. hehe. I love ya! Can't wait to see the final product of your talent!! :)

The family

The family