Saturday, November 5, 2011

Something About a Doll--Part 2

*If you haven't read the Part 1 post a few days ago, you may want to scroll down or go HERE to read that first.
So here Beth sits in the top of my closet ... with her friends, Raggedy Ann and my faux Cabbage Patch girl, Melinda Nicole (never mind her dirty face from too many kisses years ago.) I'm tickled that you all were curious enough to want to see my very, very favorite doll!
Thanks for asking me to post her photo--you really didn't have to twist my arm too hard ;-)
And I would have in the original post, however Jeff had the camera on his hunting trip in North Dakota last week.

She is so fragile from age now days.
Hopefully I described her well ... and please excuse my non-neat closet. (ack!) The girls are lounging on a box of old letters and precious stuff from back when people used to write real paper letters and cards. (I love mail!) Maybe I'm dating myself ... I guess this is my little spot of "heart things." I'm sure Jeff has eye'd it more than a million times wondering why it's taking up a quarter of the shelf of our precious closet space. And come to think of it ... I probably should find a better spot for it, but we don't have a ton of random unused closet space. And I don't want to put the girls in a box in the basement. There is something so final about that. And I'm not ready for final.
If I could pan the picture around to the right a bit there is also a beautiful BIG China Doll that my mom bought for all of us girls one Christmas (my sister, former-sister-in-law and myself.) Funny thing is ... my sister and sister-in-law both have girls (sigh.) Alas, mine has never left her box and peers out from behind the plastic sheeting in mint condition right next to the Mattel brand doll that I received back when I worked at Mattel as a designer when I was still single. She is also in mint condition. And really ... I see Beth as so much more beautiful than they are. I guess that is a learning lesson for me to soak up and apply to myself on those blue days that I feel a bit tattered and aged from being "loved on" too much too.

But back to what brought me to Beth in the first place ... the New Day Christmas Sponsorship Program. In my journey to find "the perfect doll" for one of my two sponsored sweeties ... I came across this:
And she arrived on Wednesday while I was at Bible Study! Can you believe that instead of the hippo that was embroidered on her outfit in the picture (my favorite, as I collect hippos) she instead had a little lady bug! What could possibly be more perfect?

At 20" she's pretty big and I'm already wondering how I'm ever going to get her to Ch*na ... but of course first off I had to extract her from her box. It's pretty big in itself and since I wanted to enjoy a smidge of her too before sending her away it seemed reasonable that I can wrap her without it ... and let me tell ya, removing all the plastic wires and clips was like a birthing process in itself. I'm sure the folks at ND will be more than happy to NOT have to tackle that job with this one toy at least!
Oh my goodness, she did NOT disappoint. Look at these beautiful feet! It's a shame that I put the booties on her ... but I didn't want them to get lost and I'm pretty sure they'll eventually come off and Eliana will get to enjoy those sweet feet too.
(Hopefully she doesn't have a foot aversion problem. I know some people that do and just HATE feet! But ... these are just SO very sweet in my opinon!)
And although her eyes don't open and close like my Beth's ... they are so deeply brown and so lifelike and beautiful, I'll overlook that one thing, because otherwise ... she's just perfect.
I'm not sure if Eliana has any other Christmas sponsors this year (so many people were blessed to want to participate to bless these children that some of them have a couple of sponsors I hear! Isn't that SO cool?! And the extra toys will be scattered around to everyone appropriately--I'm confident that God will have a hand in that for sure)--but I'm really hopeful that Eliana spots something special in this one gift and really loves it. There is something so special about a doll--it's one of the ways our little girls role-play in caregiving and mothering ... and I cannot think of a more precious gift than to be a part of that molding and shaping process that will touch her and her someday little ones far into the future.


Tara Anderson said...

That doll is adorable!!! Where did you find it? I may have to get one for a little pink toybox I'm filling up. :)

TanyaLea said...

She is SUCH a cute doll... Elliana is gonna love on her, and I have a feeling, she's going to have to hide her from the other girlies who are going to want to love on her, too!! You are a great shopper, Valerie... straight from your heart to the arms of a precious little girl half a world away ~ I KNOW she is gonna feel the love!


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