Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Riley's Hope HEART Outfit

We're still dealing with tummy troubles here on and off ... so I'm going to borrow this post from my Sewing Blog. Enjoy!

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Although I've not met him, there is a three year old boy who lives a few hours from me who is battling a form of Leukemia. This is the outfit that I am donating to be auctioned off at a fundraiser this weekend in his honor. We're praying for strength for their family and healing and remission for Riley!

Don't you think it'll be perfect for Valentine's Day?!

 This is the new button closure elastic waist that is an option. It's especially great when you plan to use the skirt for multiple children of different sizes or through hand-me-downs or if you're traveling to adopt a child and don't quite know a waist measurement! It's on the inside of the waistband, so it's invisible!
This skirt/shirt combo is a size 6 (at 15" in length) ... but with the elastic waist with the button it could fit a size 4T as a longer skirt or a size 7 as a shorter skirt with leggings! Talk about versatile!

 The ruffle shirt detail photo.
 And a close-up of the fabrics in the skirt.
The benefit for Riley is December 17, in Hampton, Iowa. 
There will be a meal from 5-8pm with a Silent Auction and Raffle from 5-8pm. A Live Auction will start at 8:30pm followed by a dance.


Jenn said...

Sooooo pretty!! Love it!!! I'm going to have to order my girls something from you. I just can't decide WHAT! :) Too many cute choices!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Its lovely!!

Lifting up sweet Riley!

The Sanders Family said...

Hope everyone feels better soon! Chloe had it again last night...after a week and a half break. Hoping it doesn't stay around for Christmas!! Stay well mama! LOVE the outfit!

The family

The family