Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sharing Christmas

Finally our Christmas package was sent off to ND last Friday after waiting here for me to wrap and package it for way too long. (And I have to say that by adding just a couple of boxes around some difficult to wrap items and the Christmas paper and tape it went up by a few POUNDS! Oh yes, and I got another wild hair to throw in some hot cocoa mix for the kids too. We have now reached a new postage record. But ... it was OH SO WORTH IT!) 
I guess the Ruffled Feathers dresses did take a bit to finish up (not sure why I had to get a wild hair to do something more difficult--like a brand new pattern in the case of Melissa's: 
and a pattern outta my head for Eliana's corduroy jumper ... which ended up having a silky lining, a plaid ruffle and pieced straps. Ya, kinda intense! But oh, so worth it.), but otherwise I was "finished" shopping pretty much days after signing up for Melissa and Eliana.
It was simply So. Much. Fun! to shop for them.
Quite honestly it made me feel a bit guilty ... because was I really shopping for them?
Or for me?

Well, ultimately for them of course ... but the little girl in me had quite a bit of fun for a few moments.

There's always this feeling like I want to do more though ... and I'm left trying to fill that feeling that really these aren't the things they really want or need. 
And well, no, they really aren't. 
And no, I can't fill the deep needs of their heart. 
But those caring for them are doing such a great job ... and I have hope and faith that soon ... maybe even by next Christmas, these girls will be celebrating with their very own Forever Families and having their hearts filled in the deeper ways that only God knows how to fill.

And although I shopped with Melissa and Eliana in mind ... I tried to be open to some higher-guiding ... and I am also happy to think that perhaps some of these gift will cover the hearts of two new little girls who will be arriving to New Day TODAY! Yes, just in time for Christmas. With both of my girls being blessed deeply this season with other's generosity they are "fully sponsored"-- meaning they each have three sponsors. There is no doubt that there will end up being duplicates of at least a couple items for them. And since I am not a monthly sponsor for either of these girls and am not overly sentimental that they necessarily have to have these exact gifts, I am looking forward to seeing where things end up! Perhaps some of these gifts will end up brightening one of the new little girls' hearts as she begins her very first weeks at a very different place, as she experiences the love of her very first Christmas!

I'm praying that it arrives quickly to its destination half way around the world and I'm excited to see how it all unwraps Christmas morning (or whenever they celebrate at ND.)

Melissa's Package:
2 regular outfits, a Ruffled Feathers Dress with leggings and shirt, a twirly tutu, a fuzzy/silky blankie, a doll, a book and a musical toy (with extra batteries.) (And some candy.)

Eliana's Package:
A backpack, a Curious George Puzzle, an Usborne book, a dress-up outfit, a regular outfit, a fuzzy vest (not photo'd), Ruffled Feathers Dress with leggings and shirt and a very special baby-doll (and some candy.)
 (*Sneaky-peeking-little boy NOT included)


Tara Anderson said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures from Christmas morning! Your girlies are going to love their stuff, no doubt! :)

Lexilooo said...

Ha! I was going to ask if the sneaky-peeky little boy was going in the package too :)

The Sanders Family said...

I was wondering if you sent Nolan as a gift looking at that photo ;) I just got my package sent off to Jayden today, so I hope it gets there in time!! They thought it should when I asked them at the post office. The kiddos all loved picking stuff out once again this year, even though we did sponsor a girl and the boys had to pick girl things. The boys were actually good sports about it :) Chloe enjoyed having a girl this year instead of the boys we've had in the past. Maybe next year I'll have to sponsor one boy and one girl! Your sponsored girls will be truly blessed with all your straight-from-the-heart goodies. How special that you made them outfits! Great choices, Valerie :)

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