Friday, January 13, 2012

Another Scarlet Threads Holiday

I meant to post a photo of my sister and I at Thanksgiving wearing our Scarlet Threads Aprons ... but we didn't take a photo that day! 
(I had purchased the MattieMae double sided Apron for my sister last April for her birthday and she just LOVES it so much!)

SOooooo, we finally remembered at Christmas to bring our aprons with us. 
If you don't have an apron to spice up your kitchen duties ... you really need to check out Scarlet Threads! They make great gifts ... even if it's to yourself. :-)
I cannot wait for the next opportunity to get one for my mom too. After all, she did most of the cooking at Thanksgiving AND Christmas for goodness sake. I'd love to get her a "Daisy" one, as that was her grandmother's name ... but I think they're sold out ... I might have to do some digging to see if any are still available out and about.
Yes, my mom has plenty of aprons ... but NOT yet a Scarlet Threads one!

**And not to leave my brother out, but I don't think Scarlet Threads has a "men's line" yet.
Here we ALL are at Christmas. (Can you guess who's the oldest? Reverse stair-steps. Funny how that ends up sometimes.)

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Lexilooo said...

love it! post that photo to the ST facebook page! maybe I will add it to the blog, with your permission, of course....

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